Meet our Team: November 2017

With less than two months left in 2017, we’re waiting (some more enthusiastically than others) for snow fort season to begin. In the meantime, we’ve kept a clear focus on enhancing our platform for our 18+ million users around the world. Here are some of the newer team members helping us do just that and then some.

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Meet our Team: May 2017

Can you believe it’s nearly summer already? Between the rising trends for global adoption and all the stellar price movement, 2017 has been a record-setting year so far for bitcoin. Joining us on this epic journey are three new Blockchain team members that we can’t wait for you to meet!

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Meet our Team: October 2016

Over the past few months, Blockchain has seen some exciting developments, big and small. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing – and growing! – team of innovators, collaborators, and bitcoin pioneers. Let us introduce you to four recent additions. They may be new but they’ve already made a big impact!

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Meet Our Team: Phil, Franklin, & Antoine

We’re already almost through with Q1 2016, and it’s been a pretty exciting year so far. Bitcoin has been gaining momentum all over the world, and we love being able to fill you in on the news from week to week. We announced the new Blockchain Wallet in February, our mobile update a month later, and have also incorporated dynamic fees. With that we’d like to introduce three new team members who have helped make all these great changes possible.

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Meet Our Team: Leora, George, and Pedro

Bitcoin adoption continues to surpass expectations. The predictions for 2016 suggest a continuation of positive developments, and startups are building some of the most dynamic, outstanding teams prepared to scale and tackle challenges along the way. This post introduces you to some of our latest team members who are determined to help show the world that bitcoin is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Meet Our Team: Candace, Tori, & Kevin

2015 has been an exciting year and we’ve added a lot of new faces to our exceptional team. Before we go celebrate, we’ve got another round of colleagues to introduce. Stay tuned for other posts that look back over the past twelve months. If our growth and trends are any indication, 2016 is going to be very big indeed.

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Meet Our Team: Elena, Riaan, Tereza, & Jamie

Blockchain has been growing really quickly. In fact, we just won an award for the Scale Up Company of the year and week over week we’re seeing record traffic on our services. As we expand, finding amazing teammates to help us on our mission is critical. Today we’re excited to introduce some new colleagues and fellow bitcoin geeks.

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