Phishing sites: how to report them & why it’s important

In recent security-focused posts, we’ve touched on phishing email red flags, the importance of SSL, and password managers. But did you know there’s something you can do as a user to also help shut down a malicious copycat site for good? Keep reading and we’ll explain why this is so important and how you can do it.

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A warning about Sharechain

Thanks to everyone who shared this blog post to get the word out about Sharechain. On February 10th, Sharechain’s site was taken down and is no longer available. 

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Unfortunately, when it comes to phishing scams, that imitation can lead to big issues for unsuspecting users. Most recently, we’ve been targeted by a site called Sharechain which looks very similar to ours and claims to sell Blockchain shares for profit. Please be advised that we have no affiliation or connection with Sharechain

We’re working to get the site taken down but, in the meantime, we strongly caution users against using sites who falsely claim to be affiliated with our company. Always examine the URL and SSL certificate displaying in your browser to make sure you’re in the right place before you ever submit your wallet credentials.

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Improved Security for Tor Users

In response to recent attacks on Blockchain users by malicious Tor exit nodes, Blockchain has begun working with some of the world’s leading Tor Project researchers and security experts to improve security for users that choose to utilize Tor’s privacy enhancing software.

We are happy to announce our new .onion address – blockchainbdgpzk.onion.

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Blockchain in the Media – March Edition

Here’s Blockchain’s news for March all wrapped up into one blog post! Enjoy!

Coinsider This! Show 17 – Satoshi Knocka-no-mo’

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Fighting to Protect Our Users

Blockchain has made some small wins in the last week on security.

Lead by our CSO Andreas Antonopoulos and working closely with cyber security agencies, we were able to take down a number of phishing websites targeted at our users, those with domain names that are very similar to ours.  These sites are shut down for good!

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