The Ultimate List on Spending Your Bitcoin in Kiev, Ukraine

With all due respect to everywhere else on the planet, Kiev is the eighth most populous city in Europe and home to many high-tech industries, higher education institutions and world-famous historical landmarks.  This week marks FinTech Week Ukraine and our first sponsorship in a Ukraine-based event!  With the help of our dedicated and diligent ambassadors, we are participating in the Blockchain Conference (5/20) followed by FinTech Hackathon (5/21-22).  That is why we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to Bitcoin-friendly Kiev – a comprehensive list of businesses who have decided to be totally brilliant (accept bitcoin, that is!).

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Merchant Spotlight – Peona

At first glance, Peona might look like a spa but there is more than meets the eye.  Founder Marise Bout fuses two of her professional interests – natural remedies and methodologies and alternative medicine – into helping women who are often too busy to take care of themselves.  To eliminate the discomfort that results from overloading one’s mind and body, Marise takes a holistic approach to help support the immune system, to provide relief during periods of transition, to address one’s natural self-healing capacity, to strengthen, and to achieve a healthier and more vital lifestyle.

Continue reading to find out how Marise first learned about Bitcoin and her hope that more Bitcoin enthusiasts would visit her practice!

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A closer look at the Blockchain iOS merchant directory

It was just a few days ago that we excitedly announced the release of the Blockchain Wallet coming back to the App Store for iOS. It’s been a long time coming that many of you have been asking us, and Apple, about for several months. With the new update and release, we wanted to touch base with the community and highlight the Blockchain merchant directory. We feel this is a powerful tool in your bitcoin arsenal.

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Blockchain Releases New Bitcoin Wallet

CHICAGO, July 20, 2014 –Blockchain has announced a major update to their popular open source Bitcoin Blockchain Wallet at The North American Bitcoin Conference. In addition to a more streamlined UI, the new features implemented have been designed to make Bitcoin more accessible and easier to use than ever for consumers. Read more “Blockchain Releases New Bitcoin Wallet”