Meet our Team: November 2017

With less than two months left in 2017, we’re waiting (some more enthusiastically than others) for snow fort season to begin. In the meantime, we’ve kept a clear focus on enhancing our platform for our 18+ million users around the world. Here are some of the newer team members helping us do just that and then some.

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Meet Our Team: Phil, Franklin, & Antoine

We’re already almost through with Q1 2016, and it’s been a pretty exciting year so far. Bitcoin has been gaining momentum all over the world, and we love being able to fill you in on the news from week to week. We announced the new Blockchain Wallet in February, our mobile update a month later, and have also incorporated dynamic fees. With that we’d like to introduce three new team members who have helped make all these great changes possible.

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Meet the Team: Chris, VP Operations and Finance

It’s exciting to have a career in the bitcoin industry, to be at the forefront of something so promising, yet so new with many unknowns. We like to focus on the bigger, exciting questions bitcoin can answer. How can we increase user adoption? How will the Bitcoin protocol evolve? How can we help less fortunate children?

As bitcoin companies grow, these bigger goals can best be addressed when the finer details are taken care of: proper bookkeeping, financial planning and analysis, a suitable office location and the daunting prospect of employee health insurance. Who thrives under the pressure of mountains of paperwork? Chris, our VP of Operations and Finance, enthusiastically says he “loves bringing operational efficiency to an organization.”

While I will say his work makes the humdrum life of Immanuel Kant seem like an Indiana Jones adventure, I have to admire his passion for such a role. Chris goes above and beyond to ensure team members have a work environment that supports our absolute best performance.

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Meet the Team: Interview with Blockchain Developer, Justin

Our Junior Developer, Justin, is up next in our Meet the Team series.

Justin credits his father, who frequently attends Bitcoin meetups himself, with sparking his initial interest in the cryptocurrency. In the Blockchain offices, his work primarily includes front end development of our products, such as implementing new features and fixing bugs. Despite being the youngest on the team, his skillset and the perspective he brings is well beyond his calendar years.

Justin, an UnCollege fellow, took a few moments away from his busy day coding to chat with me about his most valuable team experiences at Blockchain, his decision not to pursue college after high school and his quadcopter curiosity.

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