10 Little Known Features Hidden Inside Blockchain.info

Thanks to 99 Bitcoins for this article, where they share lesser known features you can find on Blockchain.info.

Features include our visual representation of bitcoin nodes around the world, viewing the largest most recent bitcoin transactions and sending to multiple addresses at the same time using our wallet service.

We highly encourage you to check out the entire article! How many of these lesser known features are new to you?

Image courtesy of 99bitcoins.com
Image courtesy of 99bitcoins.com

Bitcoin News for the Week of 06/09/2014

This past week has been another eventful time period in Bitcoin, as each day we get more and more exciting news. This past week didn’t hold back, as we have some great news to share with you for this week’s Blockchain Bitcoin recap. If you prefer your news to hit your inbox, sign up for our weekly email, which is delivered every Saturday.

To the news!

Image courtesy of Techcrunch.com

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Bitcoin News for the Week of 06/02/2014

Bitcoin is on fire! The good news keeps rolling in, and we have more to report on this week as the headlines and big changes in the Bitcoin ecosystem keep evolving day-over-day. This past week was exciting, so let’s get right into it. Don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter, which gets delivered to your inbox every Saturday.

Apple logo, courtesy of intomobile.com

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Reblogged from: BitcoinExchangeBerlin.com

This interview is cross-posted from from Bitcoin Exchange Berlin.

“The Chinese government is pretty open and gentle with the idea of Bitcoin, so far”

Image courtesy of bitcoin-exchange-berlin.com

Interview with Qijun Wang from Blockchain.info (Shanghai)

What is Blockchain.info?

Blockchain.info is Bitcoin’s most popular bitcoin wallet and block explorer. As of January 2014 the site has over 1.1 million registered users and 200 million page views per month. The figure is much higher today. Our security policy is to hold as little data as possible that in the event of a security breach could affect our users. Using our My Wallet service we do not hold or intercept any passwords or personally identifying information wallet data is only stored in encrypted form. Blockchain.info runs on privately owned dedicated hardware which can only be accessed by the site administrator. We perform regular security reviews of both our code and servers including scanning our site using nmap to detect possible vulnerabilities early.

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Current Service Outage

Blockchain users,

Blockchain is experiencing a technical issue that has forced us to
temporarily interrupt services. The outage was caused by a bug in some
database handling code. We are working hard to fix the issue and restore
service as soon as possible, but anticipate the outage may last more
than an hour, as it requires restarting database servers with very large
data sets. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this recent
outage has caused you.

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New Features for Blockchain Users

To better service and communicate with our users, we have moved our blog site to a new domain (https://blog.blockchain.com). Together with the move, a number of features have been added:

  • a new FAQ will be populated over time for common questions
  • a forum has been added for better community support
  • easier access to our helpdesk system is also provided

This site will be the central place for support for all Blockchain services. A number of other features are coming, so stay tuned!

Blockchain in the Media: December & January

December and January were huge for us. To name a few important things: we acquired the super-sleek and efficient Bitcoin price app ZeroBlock, hit One Million Wallets and ran a 10 BTC giveaway, plus we attended events like CES2014, and the North American Bitcoin Conference.

#bitcoinmiami BitPay pre-party
#bitcoinmiami BitPay pre-party, and the first opportunity to get free Blockchain swag during the conference weekend

Keep up with us in the media! Each month we’ll post important media sources (written, audio, & visual) that feature information about Blockchain, as well as other pieces of interest.

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The Blockchain Team Welcomes Andreas Antonopoulos

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 12.44.30 PM

Bitcoin is a growing international phenomenon. As a result, Blockchain has been expanding our team to better accommodate our continuously growing user-base. At the beginning of 2013, our company was one individual: creator, developer and CTO of Blockchain.info, Ben Reeves. We are now proudly 11 employees on four separate continents; a team of full legacy multi-national Bitcoin experts, who live and breathe Bitcoin. We are a 100% Bitcoin-based business, and will continue to remain that way. Blockchain is extremely serious about security, and want to continue to provide the most secure services possible for our users.

Source: antonopoulos.com
Source: antonopoulos.com

With that, we are thrilled to announce a new most valuable asset to the Blockchain team. Andreas Antonopoulos, an amazing Bitcoin advocate and a most respected thought-leader of Bitcoin has been brought on to serve as our Chief Security Officer.

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