If you weren’t able to attend the Inside Bitcoins Conference in NYC, here’s what you missed!

Blockchain CEO, Nic Cary, speaking at Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo. Image courtesy of Coindesk.com

Blockchain was front and center for the 2014 Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo in New York this week, and we’re happy to report that it was packed full of inspiring initiative and a great crowd of people, all in the name of Bitcoin.

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Important statement regarding Heartbleed Bug

Dear users,

We are fully aware of the Heartbleed bug. We are behind Cloudflare, who have upgraded their services a week ago. We have upgraded ours recently as well. Lastly, passwords are never sent to the server when you are using a Blockchain wallet.

Your Blockchain wallet is safe!

We’ll be continuing to investigate as needed and provide you with any necessary updates.

Thank you,

– Blockchain Team

Here’s a recap of what happened in Bitcoin this week

Every week, we are going to be posting a weekly recap of Bitcoin news, headlines, events, and information. This will be part of an ongoing series of posts from Blockchain, so stay tuned. Additionally, you can sign up for the Blockchain newsletter, which will be sent directly to your inbox every week, and will have information on Blockchain and Zeroblock.

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Blockchain in the Media – March Edition

Here’s Blockchain’s news for March all wrapped up into one blog post! Enjoy!

Coinsider This! Show 17 – Satoshi Knocka-no-mo’

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In the face of adversity, Sean’s Outpost is able to raise awareness for the homeless using Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Homeless Outreach Center, which is part of Sean’s Outpost. Photo credit: Sean’s Outpost

It’s a common story across the United States, a story that many don’t like to talk about. But it’s a very real story that can hit close to home for all of us. “1.6 million Americans will be homeless on any given night,” says Jason King, the founder of Sean’s Outpost. “More than 1% of our population experiences homelessness in a year. It’s a lot more than we think.”

Sean’s Outpost is a homeless outreach program located in Pensacola, Florida. Its mission: to find lasting solutions to homelessness, hunger, poverty, and social injustice. And Sean’s Outpost is able to operate thanks to Bitcoin, and the community that stands behind it.

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Fighting to Protect Our Users

Blockchain has made some small wins in the last week on security.

Lead by our CSO Andreas Antonopoulos and working closely with cyber security agencies, we were able to take down a number of phishing websites targeted at our users, those with domain names that are very similar to ours.  These sites are shut down for good!

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A Precaution on Vanity Addresses

A heads up from Mandrik on our support team:

I just received multiple tickets from users informing me they had funds stolen. They all linked to the same transaction, and these were all stolen from vanity addresses. When I asked for further details they all confirmed that they used the same site to generate the address.

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Tutorial: Is your password secure?

Securing your Blockchain wallet begins with having a secure password. Because we don’t have access to your password, it’s essential that you treat your password with the same value you’d treat your funds. If you forget your password, we can’t retrieve it for you. Write your passwords (and mnemonic) down and store them somewhere safe (just as you would store cash, gold or other valuables).

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