ZeroBlock Acquires Bitcoin Forex Trading Platform RTBTC

ZeroBlock, a Blockchain property, is proud to announce the acquisition of RTBTC, a widely used trading platform developed by one of the most legendary charting developers in the Bitcoin scene, Clark Moody. Since launching last July, it has facilitated over $150M in trading volume across multiple exchanges. The trading platform works by allowing traders to link their exchange accounts to the platform via API. The platform replicates many features seen on professional level platforms for traditional markets. Its user friendly architecture has made it a must have tool for traders worldwide. The new platform link is at

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Blockchain in the Media – February

There is never a dull moment in the world of Bitcoin. That especially sums up February for us! The following links below illustrate a month of challenges, important clarifications and positive glances towards Bitcoin’s future. We have emerged from February stronger than ever and determined to continue to help the Bitcoin community build a secure globally accessible Bitcoin framework. If you are interested in reading up on Apple’s removal of our iOS app, please click here and here!

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2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum

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Do you think of yourself as a voluntarist, anarchist or libertarian? If you do, chances are you attended last week’s 2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Nashua. Blockchain was proud to be the Rearden sponsor of the event this year, where nearly 500 people attended to mingle, learn more about freedom and why it is so important to ask questions.

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New Features for Blockchain Users

To better service and communicate with our users, we have moved our blog site to a new domain ( Together with the move, a number of features have been added:

  • a new FAQ will be populated over time for common questions
  • a forum has been added for better community support
  • easier access to our helpdesk system is also provided

This site will be the central place for support for all Blockchain services. A number of other features are coming, so stay tuned!

Blockchain’s Reaction to Mt. Gox

Blockchain’s fundamental design is based upon us having no access to customer funds or keys. This is achieved by making all transactions occur in the end-user’s browser, “client-side” with open-source and auditable software. We at Blockchain never store unencrypted keys, passwords, bitcoins or the have the ability to create transactions. This ensures that users’ bitcoins are not only secure from a broad-based attack on Blockchain, but are even secure from Blockchain and that’s deliberate. We don’t control your bitcoins; you do.

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Beware: Phishing Attempts

It has come to our attention that some Blockchain users and even people who have never used our wallet service are receiving fake email notifications, which contain concealed links that direct users to sites that may attempt to capture their login information or infect their computer with malware.

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First Bitcoin Donation to a Higher Education Institution in the United States

nicolas-caryFinancial accessibility to post-secondary education is out of reach to an overwhelming majority of potential students in the United States (and worldwide). Without financial assistance through scholarships, loans, and the generosity of others, attending university or college is too frequently out of the question.

Our CEO Nicolas Cary, a graduate of the University of Puget Sound’s Business Leadership Program, is a grateful recipient of scholarships and loans that assisted him in completing his post-secondary education. As CEO of the world’s most popular Bitcoin website and wallet, he finds himself in the position to give back to the educational institution that helped inspire, motivate and shape him into who he is today. It was the business leadership classes, coupled with professors’ mentoring that prepared him to challenge conventional ideas and become a leader in evolutionary finance.

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