The recent phishing trend and wallet authorization basics

Recently, a phishing trend that’s attempting to mimic our wallet authorization emails has been making the rounds. To help users distinguish between what’s legitimate and what’s not, this post will serve as a primer on wallet login attempts, how the process works, and how to outsmart phishers.

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Security mantras to swear by

So far, 2017 has proven to be a bullish year for bitcoin indeed. And as it shoots for the moon, it’s unfortunately common to see an uptrend in malware and phishing attempts that leave you with an empty wallet. In this post, we share best practices that will help fortify your online security arsenal. Read on to find out how you can increase your safe browsing IQ.

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Privacy Enhancing Tips for Bitcoin Users

As a noncustodial wallet platform, we’re big on privacy and empowering our users. That’s why we’re excited to welcome guest blogger and online freedom advocate, Faith MacAnas, this week. In her post, Faith covers the basics of 3 online privacy boosting tools with bitcoin users in mind. To find out what they are, dive in below!

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Don’t take the bait: spotting phishing emails (with Kristov Atlas)

Phishing attempts are nothing new, but we’ve noticed a consistent increase in the number and variety of phishing emails targeting our users and bitcoin users in general.

Our Security Engineer, Kristov Atlas, took some time to collaborate with me on a post that will help sharpen your senses on these suspicious and sneaky emails. Keep reading to find out how phishing attempts can present themselves, and 6 red flags to keep in mind when checking your inbox. These tips can help make sure you don’t get fooled, and help you protect your bitcoin wallet and overall online presence.

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Here are a few helpful security tips for bitcoin wallet users

It should be no surprise to bitcoin users that ever since bitcoin became a reliable store of value, malicious hackers would want to target bitcoin wallets in attempts to steal funds. One of the selling points of bitcoin is a user’s ability to take specific and managed steps to secure money. You can basically be your own bank. If you are being your own bank then you also need to take precautions to ensure your money is kept secure.

Just like with any other piece of sensitive data you keep on your computer, it needs to be safe guarded. And with Monday’s Hacking Team revelations, it clearly shows that many organizations are working with companies which use sophisticated malware in attempts to compromise consumer software. Reports are emerging that bitcoin and litecoin transaction monitoring were specifically targeted.

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