Celebrate bitcoin’s milestones on these holidays

Bitcoin has already begun to radically change how people transact. Wondering how we got to where we are today? Here are a list of bitcoin’s milestones to date that have helped define the ecosystem and build a new financial future for millions across the globe.

Multiple balloons tied to a suitcase. Each balloon has a symbol representing one of the bitcoin holidays covered in the post.

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And you thought bitcoin was weird?

It goes without saying here that we’ve got plenty of content covering bitcoin’s ins, outs, and everything in between. And when it comes to traditional, centralized currencies most people are used to, bitcoin is definitely out of the ordinary. But is that a negative? What about other strange currencies used throughout history and even the present day? Once you’re done reading this, bitcoin may not seem like the only oddball after all.

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Generosity without borders: eco-conscious nonprofits that accept bitcoin

Bitcoin is still a long way from reaching the masses, but industry leaders have demonstrated why a surge in adoption is likely in the cards for bitcoin’s future. And with Earth Day around the corner, we wanted to shine a light on bitcoin’s benefits as an efficient donation vehicle for nonprofits. We’ve also included a selection of eco-conscious nonprofits that accept bitcoin donations!

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5 unique ways to discover bitcoin

Since bitcoin first emerged in 2008, it’s grown from a niche hobby explored mainly by computer scientists, cryptographers, and libertarians, into an entire genre of study at formal institutions and online education portals. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re a seasoned pro, everyone has a preferred way to discover bitcoin. To help you find your best fit, we scoured the web and hand-picked a diverse collection of online resources.

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An intro to bitcoin & block chain technology (a webinar with Kevin Houk)

As an industry leader for bitcoin and block chain technology, we are passionate about meaningful conversations that inspire action. Hackathons are at the forefront of these conversations! Programmer hub Hacker Earth recently teamed up with our developer, Kevin Houk, to host a webinar with an across-the-board introductory look at bitcoin and explore other noteworthy applications of block chain technology. For added hackathon inspiration, Kevin also took a dive into some cool uses for our API. If you couldn’t make it to the webinar, check it out below.

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Hackathons: the coolest projects revisited

A well-executed hackathon combines the right atmosphere, resources (aka endless caffeine), raw talent and teamwork in order to accelerate the transformation of interesting ideas into real, innovative, working prototypes. Here, we’ll rewind to revisit some of the projects that caught our eye and tackle real world problems, both big and small. One project is even preparing for an official launch. If we’ve peaked your curiosity, keep reading!

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4 bitcoin documentary must-sees

Since the very first transaction took place in January 2009, bitcoin has sparked the world’s curiosity in some big ways. We’ve put together a list of some of (what we think are) the most comprehensive newbie-friendly bitcoin documentaries that will not only keep you interested, but make you the grand champion and absolute go-to among your friends for bitcoin trivia (…and we think that’s pretty cool).

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Famous Bitcoin Transactions & The Stories Behind Them

Bitcoin has now been used by countless individuals to transact for over 7 years. At the time of this writing there have been over 140,000,000 transactions sent and stored forever in the blockchain.

January 2009 was when the very first block was added to the blockchain, which is affectionately dubbed the Genesis Block, and the rest as they say, is now history.

The history of bitcoin includes some amazing stories, some so interesting they are worth retelling to keep the story alive. This post serves to preserve a few memorable pieces of that history.

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Counting down to the 2016 Bitcoin Halving

There’s been a growing buzz about Bitcoin halving over the past few weeks, and you’ll likely hear it referenced even more often as this upcoming weekend approaches!

In this post, we’ll explain exactly what Bitcoin halving is, why it’s important to know about, and we’ll also share some cool resources to help keep you in the loop. If you need to rewind and refresh your memory on some bitcoin basics before diving into this post, feel free to check out these introductory resources in our Support Center first.

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Recap of FinTech Week Hackathon @ Kyiv, Ukraine


This year at FinTech Week Ukraine 2016, we attended our very first hackathon in Kyiv with the help of our awesome brand ambassadors.  The event’s inspiration was simple – the creative implementation of FinTech solutions to improve our day-to-day lives. Approximately 70 enthusiastic hackers attended. Our ambassadors were fully stocked with Blockchain swag, and our hacker t-shirts were a huge hit.  It’s inspiring to know we have hackers and Blockchain users alike wearing our t-shirts all over the world, and this now includes more in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

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