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Product Update: Q3 2017

With summer over, we’ve got Halloween creeping closer and the end-of-year holiday season not too far after. That also means it’s time for our Q3 product update. This quarter brought some exciting integrations and new features both on mobile and web. Keep reading for all the details!

Quarterly product updates banner with Blockchain branded rocket pictured on the right

What’s new for our Q3 product update:

  • Android users can now buy bitcoin
  • Verification emails have a fresh new user-friendly look
  • Seamlessly toggle between BTC and our new ETH integration
  • A built-in BTC ↔ ETH exchange
  • Users in India can now buy bitcoin

Android users can now buy bitcoin

First for our Q3 product update recap is bringing the buy functionality to our Android users. Android users now have the ability to fund their Blockchain wallets with the convenience of a credit or debit card, or bank transfer methods. This update means that all users in Europe can buy bitcoin, whether they are on web, iOS, or Android.

A new look and feel to our verification emails

Heads up! Blockchain verification emails now have an updated look & feel.

— Blockchain (@blockchain) July 12, 2017

Not to be left behind by the new logo and branding we launched earlier this year, our verification emails got a fresh new look. This long-awaited updated design isn’t just about style; it also includes an improved explanation of the verification process.

Ether has arrived

Q3 product update image with laptop displaying new ether integration

By far the the most requested currency addition to the Blockchain wallet, our Q3 product update includes our ether integration; a new diverse way for users to interact with the digital economy. To ensure we stayed consistent with the wallet experience users love, the new integration was designed to echo a similar feel to our bitcoin experience. A simple click to toggle between currencies allows users to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Exchange BTC for ETH

To bring added functionality alongside our ETH integration, we released the first iteration of our BTC ↔ ETH exchange. This means users can now easily acquire and exchange both digital currencies all within the Blockchain wallet. Launched initially on web, we’ll be bringing ETH to mobile in the coming months.

Buy bitcoin in India within your Blockchain wallet

Q3 product update animation of Unocoin integration

Interest in digital assets like bitcoin have continuously been on the up and up in India, as they provide new potential more affordable means to transact and store wealth. To give our users in India an easy and frictionless way to acquire digital assets, we partnered with Unocoin, India’s most popular exchange. In just a few clicks, Indian users can now easily fund their Blockchain wallets without having to log in to a third party exchange platform.

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