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Product Update: Q2 2017

It’s already several weeks into summer, and you may have noticed some exciting new changes to our bitcoin wallet since our last product update. If you’d like to catch up on all the details, keep reading for a product update recap on what we delivered in the second quarter of 2017.

Noteworthy updates for Q2 2017

  • We launched a new dynamic fee service including priority fees on web, Android, and iOS
  • iOS users can now buy bitcoin, and web users now have the additional ability to sell bitcoin
  • Mobile users now have a seamless way to log in via web
  • Easy payment requests

Improved fee recommendations and a priority fee option

Bitcoin has sure been seeing some love and recognition worldwide. As a growing number of new users transact, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure transactions continue to confirm consistently and reliably even at peak network volume. Our new fee recommendation algorithm was designed to keep tabs on bitcoin network activity and quickly adjust your transaction fees as needed to ensure a better, more consistent user experience.

Product update screenshot demonstrating use of our priority fee option

And for urgent transactions, or just to ensure a quicker confirmation time, we introduced a new ‘Priority’ fee option, which aims to make sure your transaction is confirmed in 60 minutes.

Buying bitcoin on iOS; selling bitcoin on web

Our partnership with Coinify leads us to two exciting updates for Q2.

Last month, we took the next step with our Blockchain-Coinify integration and made buying bitcoin possible for our European iOS users. Just like in our web wallet, iOS users can buy bitcoin in a flash using a credit or debit card, or fund their Blockchain wallets directly from a bank account.

In addition to being able to seamlessly acquire bitcoin, web users in Europe can now also sell bitcoin. Whether you’re buying your first bitcoin using our iOS wallet, or selling bitcoin on web, we’re excited to bring this functionality to users without compromising user security or control.

Seamless cross-device access to your wallet

Users that use Blockchain primarily on their mobile device now have it easier when logging in on web. Instead of having to manually type in their Wallet ID, password, and two-factor code, mobile users can visit Settings, choose Log in to Web Wallet, and follow the three easy steps to be quickly logged in on web.

Easy payment requests

Our payment request tool turns your request into an easily shareable link that includes the amount, your destination address, and a description of the transaction. Share the link with a friend, who can use it to send payment with their Blockchain wallet without having to scan QR codes, paste an address, or enter amounts.

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