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Buying bitcoin is now available for Blockchain wallets on iOS

Late last year, we announced a partnership with Coinify that allowed our users in Europe to, for the first time ever, seamlessly and expediently buy bitcoin from within their Blockchain wallets without compromising user security or control. This partnership was aimed at making our wallet infinitely more user friendly and, ultimately, more accessible for the mass market. Today we take the next step in delivering greater accessibility.

Our team is excited to announce that iOS users in Europe are now able to buy bitcoin from within their Blockchain wallets using the same seamless and user friendly Blockchain-Coinify integration available to web users.

Like you may have already discovered on web, your Blockchain wallet can be funded in a flash with credit and debit cards, or directly from your bank account, which is subject to bank transfer speed. Each of these methods have made their way to iOS to make sure users can acquire digital currency easily, however they choose.

This important update brings us one step closer to building an open, accessible and fair financial future for the growing number of mobile users. We look forward to rolling out this integration to our Android wallet users in the near future.