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Phishing sites: how to report them & why it's important

In recent security-focused posts, we’ve touched on phishing email red flags, the importance of SSL, and password managers. But did you know there’s something you can do as a user to also help shut down a malicious copycat site for good? Keep reading and we’ll explain why this is so important and how you can do it.

Why should I report phishing sites?

First, let’s get into why it’s important to report phishing sites. Phishing sites are designed to trick users into exposing their personal or financial information. Our post yesterday warning users about Sharechain is a perfect example. These deceiving sites appear in Google Ads, searches, and are maliciously shared on social media platforms. This means they can reach you, your friends, and your family, and put any unsuspecting person at risk. By reporting a phishing site (Google makes it super easy), you’re helping to keep yourself, plus everyone in your circle and beyond safe from theft and other risks. In other words, you’re pretty awesome.

Screenshot of a scam site displayed as a Google Ad

Reporting a site to Google

If you spot a site you know isn’t legit (like the url in the above screenshot that’s eerily similar to, there are a number of ways you can report it. Here are the steps recommended by Google:

  • To report a site that isn’t legitimate, you can report it to Google here.
  • To report an illegitimate site you see appearing as a Google Ad, use this form, Select An ad violates other AdWords policies -> Phishing -> Text/Image Ad.
  • Follow Google’s instructions to copy and paste the phishing site’s link and destination URL (this may vary depending on your operating system and browser).
  • Provide any extra feedback or comments and click Submit.

When in doubt, reach out!

If your suspicions have been raised but you’re not completely certain about a site or an email claiming to be from us, please reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or through our support portal. And above all, stay safe out there.