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A warning about Sharechain

*Thanks to everyone who shared this blog post to get the word out about Sharechain. On February 10th, Sharechain’s site was taken down and is no longer available. *

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Unfortunately, when it comes to phishing scams, that imitation can lead to big issues for unsuspecting users. Most recently, we’ve been targeted by a site called Sharechain which looks very similar to ours and claims to sell Blockchain shares for profit. Please be advised that we have no affiliation or connection with Sharechain

We’re working to get the site taken down but, in the meantime, we strongly caution users against using sites who falsely claim to be affiliated with our company. Always examine the URL and SSL certificate displaying in your browser to make sure you’re in the right place before you ever submit your wallet credentials.

What you should see in your URL bar (you’re home safe):

What you shouldn’t see in your URL bar (you’re in the wrong place):

The following official landing pages are the only way to safely access your Blockchain Wallet.




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