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Customize your wallet experience with new Blockchain Wallet themes

We’ll admit we’re a little biased when it comes to the default color scheme of the Blockchain Wallet, but for users who’d like to try something different, our latest update includes 2 new themes. Check them out below and find them in your web Wallet under Settings -> Preferences.

Dev Theme

A throwback to the monochrome displays of the 1980s, our Dev Theme brings it back without having to swap out your LCD monitor or open a command prompt.

Themes - Dev

Invert Colors

The inverted version of our default theme makes our Did You Know tips stand out so you won’t miss out on any extra bits of knowledge, whether you’re new to bitcoin or in a Halloween kind of mood.

Themes - Invert Colors

Let us know what you think of these new themes by commenting below, or reaching out on Twitter or Facebook. Check out our GitHub page for other recent web wallet updates.