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Completing the migration to the latest version of the Blockchain Wallet

Five months ago, we released the third major version of our flagship product, the Blockchain Wallet. The update represented a big step forward for the product. Over the last few months, we’ve been collecting your feedback and shipping new and refined versions weekly.

As of August 16th, we’ll be completing the migration to the latest version of our wallet. The vast majority of ours users are now using the new platform, but, for the remaining legacy users, the upgrade completion will involve some change.

Change is hard, but it’s a lot easier if you know what to expect. Below is our guide to what’s in store.

What if I log in as a legacy user after August 16th?

Our legacy wallet landing page will automatically redirect users to the newest version of the Blockchain Wallet. All existing legacy wallets can use the same Wallet ID, password, and two-factor authentication codes to log in at this new link. All existing balances, transaction history, and addresses will still be in your wallet.

Why does Blockchain want everyone on the newest version?

By migrating all of our users to our newest platform, we’re ensuring they have access to the latest product updates, and the safest, simplest, and friendliest bitcoin wallet experience.

blocketHow is the latest version of the Blockchain Wallet different?
  • Simplified funds backup – now backup all your funds with a one-time backup phrase
  • Accounts based funds management
  • Better Privacy
  • Dynamic Transaction Fees – make sure your transaction is never delayed
  • Simple customized funds management
  • Intuitive dashboard with balance overview and activity log
  • Helpful Did You Know tips for new users
  • Improved transaction feed
  • “What’s New?” notifications – keep up to date on the latest and greatest

If you’re an existing legacy wallet user and have questions about this process, please share your questions by commenting below. Our new Support Center also includes a growing range of helpful walkthroughs, tutorials, and frequently asked questions. And as always, you’re welcome to send feedback to our support team, or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.