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Bitcoin News for the week of 7/11/16

Welcome to our weekly bitcoin news recap, where we cover top headlines and stories in the world of bitcoin each week. Germany-based company Seafile made headlines this week after they dropped payment processor Paypal in favor of bitcoin. Price news also takes a front seat, as industry traders vigilantly monitor the market post-halving. We also learned this week that the University of Cantabria in Spain is opening a two-day event to teach about bitcoin and blockchain technology. Get all this news and more in our weekly Blockchain recap.

Bitcoin is shaking up the payments industry
![SeaCloud image courtesy of Brave New Coin ](
SeaCloud image courtesy of Brave New Coin
[Seafile accepts bitcoin after Paypal shenanigans](

The open source cloud storage firm, Seafile, has dropped their primary payment processor, Paypal, and started using bitcoin as their preferred payment option. Seafile is a high-performance, fully-encrypted, open source file storage and syncing solution. The service competes directly with Dropbox and other major cloud service providers.

Focusing on engineers, LinkedIn’s Senior Engineer, Gordon Wintrob, interviews our co-founder Nicolas Cary, and developer Kevin Houk to talk about our developer APIs, the element of trust, and the most important value proposition of bitcoin.

The post-halving price
![Markets chart via](
Markets chart via
[The bitcoin price remains stable post-halving](

The bitcoin halving has come and gone, and the price has been stable the past week. Interestingly, some news emerged this week that bitcoin has surpassed gold trading in Brazil and that IBM is continuing to focus on developing new blockchain apps.

Bitcoin and Education
![Bitcoin education image via](
Bitcoin education image via
[Spanish University Holds Two-Day Bitcoin & Blockchain Course](

The University of Cantabria is opening a two-day event to teach Bitcoin and blockchain technology with the goal of educating people about the power of disruptive financial technology. During the July 14-15 event, students and guests will receive education on Bitcoin innovation and blockchain technology solutions. This will be the first summer course at a public Spanish university covering these subjects.

Speaking of education, what are the best ways to explain bitcoin and similar technologies to beginners? This article covers the four mistakes to avoid when introducing the concept of digital currency to newcomers.

Bitcoin Globally
![Illustration via](
Illustration via
[Bitcoin – the state of cryptocurrency in India in 2016](

Given that 60 percent of the population in India is unbanked, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Reserve Bank of India uphold financial inclusion as a top priority. Therefore, India is viewed by many to have significant potential for bitcoin usage and adoption.

In Japan, bitcoin is gaining steam there too. A surprising bitcoin exchange ranking chart published by Coinmarketcap shows Japanese exchange bitFlyer trading at number one over the past 24 hours, with over $26 million traded in BTC/JPY. In Sweden, Swedish bitcoin startup Safello raised $300K to develop their next generation platform to help socialize bitcoin. And in Russia, reports indicate a political party is moving to accept bitcoin donations.

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