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Recap of FinTech Week Hackathon @ Kyiv, Ukraine


This year at FinTech Week Ukraine 2016, we attended our very first hackathon in Kyiv with the help of our awesome brand ambassadors.  The event’s inspiration was simple – the creative implementation of FinTech solutions to improve our day-to-day lives. Approximately 70 enthusiastic hackers attended. Our ambassadors were fully stocked with Blockchain swag, and our hacker t-shirts were a huge hit.  It’s inspiring to know we have hackers and Blockchain users alike wearing our t-shirts all over the world, and this now includes more in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.



Since the event was a smaller hackathon, we had the opportunity to kick things off by having each of the attendees introduce themselves and share their project goals. They quickly split off into multi-disciplinary teams to devise their plan for victory over the next day and a half. Some people came equipped with project pitches while others developed them on the fly, and collaborated with our ambassador Taras Emelyanenko to brainstorm and create new solutions.  There were 2 out of 10 teams that used the Blockchain API.

  1. Team Midas’ Public Money Bin: This project was built using our Receive Payments API with a concept to provide financial services through crowdfunding based on bitcoin.
  2. Troider: This project was also built using our Receive Payments API to empower journalists and investors make profit based on their submissions of independent and quality news for general readers.
Team Midas Testing Their Prototype w/ Ambassador Taras
Team Troider Presenting Their Project
Teams powered through the weekend event and competed for our Blockchain-sponsored bitcoin prize of 1 BTC, which was awarded to Team Midas for Public Money Bin.  The hackathon winner was chosen by our ambassadors, and myself.  If you’d like to check out some of the action and see how the projects all came together, there’s a [hackathon recap video playlist]( available.
Ambassador Taras Recognizing Team Midas as Blockchain API Prize Winner
Team of Judges Including Our Ambassadors, Sergiy and Taras
*Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone who attended the event. Also, major thanks goes out to our ambassadors, [Sergiy](, [Iryna](, [Liuka](, [Taras](, [Michael](, [Toly](, and* [Innovecs](, *who all made it possible for us to connect with so many talented individuals, and who helped make the event a success.*