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Bitcoin News for the week of 4/25/16

Welcome to our weekly bitcoin news recap, where we cover top headlines and stories in the world of bitcoin each week. Big news this week includes Western Union investing in a bitcoin company, plus gaming network Steam began accepting bitcoin on Monday. FinTech conference WIRED Money was this Thursday in Berlin, and Blockchain CEO Peter Smith attended to discuss how bitcoin has brought about an evolution in payments. Additionally, former President Bill Clinton was gifted his first bitcoin. Read about all this and more, in our weekly Blockchain recap.

Moving the industry forward

![Western Union photo taken by Usien via Wikimedia Commons](
Western Union photo taken by Usien via Wikimedia Commons
[Western Union Invests In Barry Silbert’s DCG](

The Digital Currency Group (DCG), an investment firm focused on bitcoin and blockchain startups, has just announced via its blog that it has added new investors, board members, and advisors to the firm. Written by CEO Barry Silbert, the DCG founder says in the blog post that over the past six months the business has grown quite a bit. One of the investors added to the company’s partnerships include the global payment processor Western Union.

In addition to Western Union, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers is also an investor, and noted in the announcement is that bitcoin developer and Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen will be an advisor. Other news this week includes Steam gaming network announcing that they will begin accepting bitcoin as a payment method. This was a highly anticipated move from the company, and even we couldn’t resist tweeting about it. Another notable happening in the industry this week includes UK-based bitcoin exchange Bitstamp becoming the first nationally licensed exchange in the EU, which is a major step towards making it easier and more accessible to buy bitcoin.

#WIREDMoney in Berlin

#WIREDMoney 2016

Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain was in attendance at the WIRED Money 2016 conference, which was by all accounts a success. The conference which was held in Berlin, had people from all areas of FinTech, discussing new technologies including bitcoin and the blockchain.

Getting Bill Clinton into bitcoin

![Former U.S. President Bill Clinton receives his first bitcoin. Picture via Matthew Roszak on Twitter.](
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton receives his first bitcoin. Picture via Matthew Roszak on Twitter.
[Bill Clinton Receives His First Bitcoin](

At a conference in Washington, D.C., venture capitalist and tech entrepreneur Matthew Roszak gave the former president a gift of Bitcoin. Roszak tweeted the photo with the caption: “Just gave @BillClinton his first #bitcoin – furthering financial sovereignty…” The bitcoin is actually a Kialara, which is a physical bitcoin art piece. Physical bitcoins have become more popular recently with the rise of a few different types.

Speaking of gifting bitcoin, the British government is considering paying out research grants with bitcoin according to Matthew Hancock, the minister for the Cabinet Office and paymaster general. He said that the cabinet had begun exploring ways to use blockchains in the government, with a particular interest in how it could be used in the disbursal of government research grants.

Taiwan’s government is also interested in the blockchain, as they recently held their first public hearing concerning blockchain technology and its relationship with money transmission, current regulations, and academic research. The meeting saw Government officials, blockchain promoters, and scholars gathering at the Taiwanese Legislative Council to discuss distributed ledgers and the economic implications they will bring.

Bitcoin, the music industry, and notable investments

![Image via](
Image via
[Blockchain-Powered Stem Raises $4.5 Million to Disrupt Music Industry](

Stem a new startup tapping the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is creating an application that aims to provide content creators a “fair share of earnings and information in a clear and timely manner.” The company has just raised $4.5 million USD in funding led by investment firms such as Upfront Ventures, and well-known music industry managers like Scooter Braun.

In other bitcoin investments, Japanese bitcoin exchange bitFlyer has revealed the successful completion of a $27 million funding round, the largest funding round ever by a bitcoin and FinTech company in Japan and Mexican startup Bitso has raised over $1.8 million in a recent investor round.

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