Support Team Tips: Why we recommend Google Authenticator

GA-3Two-Step verification, also known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), is an extra layer of security that requires use of a one-time passcode plus your regular password to access your wallet. We highly recommend all users enable this option in some form.

Our primary 2FA recommendation for users is Google Authenticator, a handy little app available for Android and iOS. Codes are generated every 30 seconds, and they’re available right on your phone. You’ll just need to make sure the time on your device is set to automatic, otherwise the codes will appear out of sync. It definitely stands out from other Two-Step options like email or SMS. Here’s why:


For a detailed tutorial on how to set up Google Authenticator for your wallet, please visit our Support Center

12 thoughts on “Support Team Tips: Why we recommend Google Authenticator

  1. I got burned by google authenticator when, after updating my iphone software, I lost access to the authentication settings in google authenticator for various accounts. This is why I DONT use google authenticator.

  2. Hi, !st i set to phone 2fa. now i planning to use google Authentication.

    please advise how to switch

    1. Hi Subra! Glad to hear you’re going to switch to Google Authenticator. If you’re on Android, you can find it in the Play Store here. And if you’re using an iPhone, you can download it here. Or you can search in the Play Store or iTunes store for Google Authenticator.

      Once it’s installed, you can log into your wallet and disable SMS 2FA. Here’s a guide in our support center to guide you through the process of setting up Google Authenticator. I hope this helps 🙂

  3. Hello i setup Google Authenticator for PC enter true code 4 times but my account locked i try to unlock while filling 2FA recover form there is phrase options please tell me will i write 12 words phrase or only one word if one word whic one ? Thank you.

  4. Hello, I have two questions:
    If I go from legacy wallet to new one, will 2FA be transfered or I’ll have to set it again?
    Is Authy recommended as alternative to google authenticator?
    Thanks, Igor

    1. Hi there! You’d need to set up your 2FA access again once you’ve upgraded to the new wallet. You can do this via our Security Center. We’ve got a guide that can walk you through the new process in the new wallet. Level 2 is where you’d enable 2FA, and we recommend using Google Authenticator. Thanks for reaching out!

  5. Olá, desinstalei o google authenticator e não estou conseguindo entrar na minha carteira, como devo proceder para conseguir ter acesso a minha carteira ?

    1. Hi Rômulo! If you uninstalled Google Authenticator and you need it to get into your wallet, you’ll need to start a 2FA reset request. This process includes a mandatory waiting period that is different for each user. You can get started with the request here: – If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to our support team here: Thanks!

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