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Support Team Tips: Take a tour of the new Blockchain Wallet Security Center

With the launch of the new Blockchain Wallet, we’ve been focused on building a user experience that’s simple, friendly, and safe. One of the challenges we faced along the way was how to make security features less intimidating.

![Turn the padlock from red to green by finishing all the Security Center levels.](
Turn the padlock from red to green by finishing all the Security Center levels.
In our Security Center, we created 3 levels that will guide you through the steps to secure your wallet. By completing all levels, you’ll be making use of a comprehensive set of security tools. For Bitcoin pros, there are additional and advanced security options available by visiting *Settings -> Security*.

We’ll take you through a tour of each level, and show you some tips along the way.

The Tour

After logging into your Blockchain Wallet, you’ll see a navigation menu on the left. Click on *Security Center *to keep following along.

Level 1: Securing your credentials.

Level 1 - New Wallet

Level 1 is focused on making sure you’ve always got access your wallet and can recover it if needed, even if you forget your password. You’ll find the following options in this level:

  • Verify Email: By verifying your email we’ll know we are reaching out to the right person when we send you wallet notifications or authorization emails. A verified email can also come in handy if you forget your Wallet ID, or so we can notify you if there’s suspicious activity in your wallet.
  • Backup Security Phrase: Complete this step to make sure you can recover your wallet if you forget your password, or need to access your wallet when our service is unavailable. This is probably the most critical step you can follow to ensure future recovery of your wallet in case you forget your login credentials or password.
  • Create Password Hint: Set up a hint that will help you remember your password. We’ll email the hint directly to your verified email address.

Level 2: Prevent unauthorized access to your wallet.

Level 2 - New Wallet

Level 2 provides you with the tools to help keep intruders out by requiring additional verification in order to log in. Here’s what we’ve got in Level 2:

  • *Link Mobile Number: *Add a mobile number so we can send you SMS codes to log in. You’ll need this plus your password to access your funds.
  • *Enable Two Step: *If you’d prefer to use a different layer of protection, you can enable Google Authenticator or a Yubikey. Enabling this means you’ll use your regular password plus a one-time password to log in.

Level 3: Advanced security options.

Level 3 - New Wallet

In Level 3, you can prevent attempts to access your wallet anonymously from the Tor network.

  • Block Tor Requests: Use this quick and easy way to prevent Tor users from accessing your wallet. If you don’t use Tor, we highly recommend enabling this.

Once you’re done, give yourself a pat on the back and a high five (maybe not all at once)! Don’t forget, you can make changes to all of these settings and find additional security tools when you go to Settings -> Security.

For a more in-depth guide for each level of the Security Center, stop by our Support Center.