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Bitcoin News for the week of 3/21/16

Welcome to our weekly bitcoin news recap, where we cover top headlines and stories in the world of bitcoin each week. This week we hear about new and interesting ways to use the blockchain, and see how bitcoin is making an impact around the world. We’re also proud to welcome our new members to our team who have been helping us move forward to our goals. Read about all this news and more in our weekly Blockchain recap.

Unlocking the blockchain

MIT Media Lab Director: How The Bitcoin Blockchain Can Unlock The Internet’s Full Potential

Brian Forde, MIT Media Lab’s director of digital currency, explained how bitcoin and the blockchain could transform the way the world does business during a podcast interview presented by Inc. Uncensored. A team of Inc. editors, led by Editor James Ledbetter, introduced Forde and asked him to give an overview of bitcoin and the blockchain before posing questions.

The blockchain can have many uses, which for example Sony Corporation is using it with a new education program where they will be issuing education certificates on the blockchain. Other uses include the holy grail of blockchain solutions; smart contracts. Rootstock is one company which just raised $1M to enable smart contracts on the blockchain.

Bitcoin use cases

![Image via](
Image via
[Is Code Valley Bitcoin’s ‘Killer App’?](

A new marketplace has announced its private beta release for the platform that wants to change the paradigm of software. Code Valley – dubbed the “free market” for software – aims to industrialize the coding and application industry. The creators of the technology are a team of Australian engineers that have enabled a market for developers to contribute to projects and earn bitcoin.

One of the advantages of bitcoin is that it removes the need for refunding credit card fraud victims. One of the biggest disadvantages of a pull-system (credit cards) is the potential for a thief to obtain access to your credit card information and perform fraudulent charges. With a push-system (bitcoin), it’s impossible for a thief to use your public bitcoin address for fraudulent spending. In Munich Germany, a city council rep has formally suggested for the city to accept Bitcoin for official payments.

Important updates from our team, plus a Merchant Spotlight

![Pictured left-to-right: Philip London, Franklin Weldon, Antoine Le Calvez](
Pictured left-to-right: Philip London, Franklin Weldon, Antoine Le Calvez
[Meet Our Team: Phil, Franklin, & Antoine](

We’re already almost through with Q1 2016, and it’s been a pretty exciting year so far. Bitcoin has been gaining momentum all over the world, and we love being able to fill you in on the news from week to week. We announced the new Blockchain Wallet in February, our mobile update a month later, and have also incorporated dynamic fees. With that we’d like to introduce three new team members who have helped make all these great changes possible.

Recently, we also updated our mobile iOS wallet to include a highly-requested feature, watch-only address spending. And coming up in April, Blockchain co-founder Nicolas Cary will be speaking at the Money20/20 Europe in a panel on consumer uses of the blockchain.

Suggest your favourite new merchant for our mobile map & help the #bitcoin community grow!

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BMI Gaming, a bitcoin-friendly distributor of full scale arcade games, was featured in our Merchant Spotlight this week. They specialize in arcade development consulting, and sell everything from claw crane machines to photo booths. If you want to suggest a bitcoin merchant for our directory, check out this form.

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