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Merchant Spotlight - Eco-dostavka

Meet [Oles Slobodenuk]( of [Eco-dostavka]( in Kiev, Ukraine.  Oles is a passionate entrepreneur with a business and communications background.  At Eco-dostavka, he focuses on providing his customers with healthy, diverse, sustainable, and high quality products, and the opportunity to receive a 10-15% discount when paying with bitcoin.

Esther P:**  What has been your most rewarding part about running your bitcoin-friendly business?**

Oles S:  In all circumstances, I try to apply strategy and creative freedom.  When I first learned about Bitcoin three years ago, I became excited about the technology and started to spread the word.  I soon began accepting bitcoin as a payment option at Eco-dostavka.  I utilize my business as a hub to help others learn about and adopt the concept of Bitcoin.  It is my hope that more modern entrepreneurs will take a larger initiative in the adoption and application of Bitcoin to our every day lives.

EP:  ****How do you spend your free time?

**OS:  **In my free time, I develop new bitcoin projects.  For example, my partner and I developed a prototype of a DHW miner-heater (video) for private houses and offices.  It not only heats your entire apartment, but also MINES bitcoins.  It uses BitFury’s best mining chips (including the new 16 nm ones) to support the Bitcoin ecosystem and produce lots of heat in doing so.  That heat is surely useful in warming your house, eh?  smiles

EP:  How is the bitcoin movement in Ukraine? Are there many local businesses besides yours accepting bitcoin?

OS:  The Bitcoin business in Ukraine are still in the early.  Stay tuned for many Ukraine-based Bitcoin projects in the future.

EP:  What is it like to accept bitcoin at your shop?

**OS:  **We currently have over 50 people every day who are somehow faced with the bitcoin payment option due to our efforts.  However, there are only a few customers who complete bitcoin purchases so far but we hope for more.

Last summer, I added bitcoin as a payment option in my shop.  Any visitor of the beautiful capital of Ukraine, city of Kiev, can count on me for perfect quality food, drinks or just some necessary support needed during the trip.  I also offer a bitcoin bonus program for my customers who pay in bitcoin.  I welcome any bitcoiner of the world to visit!

EP:  What does the bitcoin payment process involve?

**OS:  **Today, any customer can ask our sales associate to pay in bitcoin.  Our sales associate will do an easy conversion from Hryvnia (currency of Ukraine) to BTC.  The customer will then receive a QR-code to complete the transaction.  As soon as the payment has been made, our sales associate will look at the blockchain to ensure that the transaction confirmed.

EP:  What suggestions do you have for making bitcoin more widely adopted in the area?

I want more people to start talking about my shop in an effort to grow the Bitcoin adoption as an informational pitch.  This makes my shop unique, because it is the only one in the natural products and health-food category for now.  Many clients come to the shop and mention “Wow, you accept bitcoin?  That’s… interesting and something new, for sure!”

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Address: Mechanizatorov Street, 2, Kiev, Ukraine 03110
Phone: +380677011774

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