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Merchant Spotlight - Simple Marketing Solutions

Gone are the days where organizations only maintained a desktop website.  Now you can – and should – have a mobile-friendly website to provide your customers with a helpful and user-friendly experience, especially since many people only use their smart devices now!

Ask yourself, is your website easy to read on your iPhone or Android device?  Have you checked recently?  Are sidebars and pop-ups getting in the way of users accessing key details?

The good news is that you don’t have to do this yourself.  Read on for a short-and-sweet interview with Matt of Simple Marketing Solutions, a Blockchain Merchant, who will help you jump on the mobile-ready website bandwagon before your customers go to your competitor!

  1. ****What inspired you to start Simple Mobile Sites?  The foresight and demand for mobile marketing was undeniable, so I seized the opportunity to fill that void. 😊
  2. What makes you get up early or stay up late to do what is generally considered to be some of the hardest work out there?  I have the desire to make my customers happy and everyone wanting to better their business, or daily life.
  3. **What is your vision at SimpleMobileSites and what’s next for the business?  **To stay modest, and provide the highest quality of work to those that appreciate and support our dreams and goals.  I’m always striving for better ways to serve people and businesses, and technologies to assist in these endeavors!
  4. **What has been the greatest struggle in opening and maintaining your bitcoin-friendly business?  **Gaining an understanding of the use of Bitcoin has been one of the greatest struggles, but also, the greatest reward to be able to advocate it.
  5. **How did you learn about bitcoin and what made you start accepting it?  **I first heard about it from a friend spent some time researching it.  I value how bitcoin remains private, secure, fast and inexpensive in fees; it provides a strong reason and way for anyone to transact.

Website: Homepage / Facebook
Twitter: @SimpleMobiSites
Phone: +1 780 604 8649

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