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Merchant Spotlight - The Uncommons

Happy Weekend!

As Manhattan’s first and only board game cafe, The Uncommons has become one of our team’s favorite places to grab mid-day coffee or hold team happy hours over rounds of Connect Four (and pay with bitcoin, of course!).  The cozy space fills a simple need for a great place to play games with friends.  Bars are usually too dark and too loud and most coffee shops in the area don’t have enough space to play with limited library of titles to purchase or play.  The Uncommons offers a wide library of games – as many as they can fit on their shelves!  Think family classics, abstract and Euro-style boardgames, ranging from Battleship to Risk, Settler of Catan to Carcassone, Dixit to Ticket to Ride, and Blokus to Hive.

Continue reading for my interview with Uri Clavijo, Manager of The Uncommons.

So why West Village?  The former occupant of the space is the famous Village Chess Shop.  They were open for forty years at that location, 24 hours a day.  Celebrity visitors included everyone from Heath Ledger (who played weekly there and was quite good) to Woody Allen (who filmed some scenes there with Larry David).  It’s a perfect spot to continue the legacy of board gaming.



H**ow do you spend your free time?  **I love going to the movies and listening to the 90’s music!  On my days off, I invite friends over my place to play boardgames – it’s part of my lifestyle.

**If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?  **Flying!  I love to travel so if I could fly, I could go around the world to see every single part of the planet.


What was the main trigger behind accepting bitcoin at The Uncommons?  We wanted to welcome everyone to The Uncommons.  In this case, it was to welcome people who love, value and spend bitcoin (and want to spend it here)!  We are working with Square and Blockchain to streamline bitcoin payments into a main form of payment at The Uncommons.  Stay tuned for more Bitcoin updates!


What can we look forward to at The Uncommons in 2016?  It is our hope and goal to push further the basic concept of playing board games and to provide a place that encourages fun, camaraderie, and laughter.  We will continue to collect the latest and greatest new games, find independent designers to showcase their talent, and make them all available for play as well as purchase.  We’re also proud to offer endless opportunities for our customers to attend fun events at The Uncommons!

Address: 230 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012
Website: The Uncommons / Yelp Reviews / Facebook / Twitter
Phone: +1 646 543 9215
Hours: Mon-Th from 8:30AM to 12AM; Fri-Sat from 8:30AM to 1AM; and Sun from 8:30AM-11PM

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