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Announcing the New Blockchain Wallet!

The world’s most popular bitcoin wallet is now more secure and easier to use than ever. Starting today, we will begin the process of rolling out a major update to our flagship consumer product.

The New Blockchain Wallet

We’ve been focused on three things to make this the best wallet for you:

#1. A simplified wallet recovery and backup feature to keep users firmly in control of their funds
#2. A new security center to help users take the necessary steps to secure their wallet
#3. The friendliest and simplest user experience of any bitcoin wallet

What happens now?

As an existing user, you can choose the old version, or log into the new wallet at which point you can upgrade. Right now this is voluntary, but eventually everyone will need to switch. All your funds will be safe and sound when you choose to update, and you’ll get a lot of new features including:

  • Custom funds management
  • Dashboard with balance overview
  • Did You Know tips for new users
  • New Activity log
  • Improved transaction feed

For the bitcoin pros out there, our new wallet utilizes a hierarchical deterministic architecture (HD). This is a term used to describe the way a certain type of bitcoin wallet works. In an HD wallet, a single master wallet seed allows for a simplified recovery process. It also improves privacy by generating a new address for every payment request the user makes, all from the same original seed.

While our software does hundreds of thousands of transactions a week, we believe we’re just getting started on our mission. Our goal is to build the bitcoin wallet that people all over the world recommend to their friends and family. Secure, simple, and easy to use.

We will continue to launch additional features that make this product even better. And stay tuned – we’ll be featuring the wallet in future blog posts over the next few weeks!