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Meet Our Team: Leora, George, and Pedro

Bitcoin adoption continues to surpass expectations. The predictions for 2016 suggest a continuation of positive developments, and startups are building some of the most dynamic, outstanding teams prepared to scale and tackle challenges along the way. This post introduces you to some of our latest team members who are determined to help show the world that bitcoin is nothing short of extraordinary.


Leora attended Johns Hopkins University to focus on International Studies and Entrepreneurship. After graduation, she intended to pursue a career in marketing or media, but quickly became eager to explore other opportunities. With her love of health and fitness, she focused on personal training and coaching, and she still nurtures that passion daily. Leora balances this with her QA role at Blockchain, and stays motivated knowing she is dedicated to empowering people to improve their quality of life with easier access to bitcoin and a healthier lifestyle. In her spare time, she’s well trained in the art of survival being a self-declared fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


From the young age of 15, George was inseparable from his keyboard, and he quickly picked up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript building websites. After receiving his BSc in Computer Science with 1st Class Honours, it was his interest in Distributed Systems that inspired him to complete his MSc in Networked Computer Systems at University College London. Recent accomplishments he is particularly proud of include designing and building a scalable routing protocol for wireless sensor networks in smart cities, and making front page coverage of Hacker News with an article he wrote about using dnsmasq, a local lightweight DNS server. In addition to his interest in development, years of practice have made George a gifted guitarist who can serenade you with a playlist of your choosing on the fly.


Our backend engineer Pedro has an insatiable curiosity that drives him to continuously explore new ideas, personal interests and hobbies. His career began with a short time as an SAP consultant, and he then shifted focus to pursue a more indepth development path. Excited about the prospect of working closely with Mozilla, Pedro joined Webdetails in 2009, where he built the platform and associated tools the team still presently uses for delivering business intelligence solutions. His name can be found written in stone on the Mozilla Monument in recognition of his valued contributions. His personal interests are expansive, as he is also a seasoned juggler, trained sailor, guitarist, and trivia expert. He might be in the running for the World’s Most Interesting Man contest this year!

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