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Merchant Spotlight - Divin Porcello

With 5.7 million active digital wallets globally, I’m happy to share our first Merchant Spotlight on a bitcoin-friendly business in Italy – Divin Porcello.  Read more for our exclusive interview with Riccardo Faggiana!


**Esther P: **Tell me about the history of your business.

Riccardo F: The attractive landscape of the Alps, the ancient tradition of stone houses, the woods and the embrace of a quiet nature would be sufficient reasons to visit the typical restaurant Divin Porcello.  Designed to preserve as much as possible the local traditional stone houses in the Ossola Valley, the place has been restored recently, creating eight distinct environments, each with its own atmosphere and features.


EP: What are your most loved dishes?

RF: You will immediately be won over by the unique flavors of our products and dishes, such as gnocchi Ossolana style.  The most popular dish is the Lauscera, soapstone served table-side with baked potatoes and house sauces.  Though it may seem typical, it is the symbol of our success: selected pork meat is cooked right at the table, on hot stone, and served in a compartments dish with roasted potatoes and sauces made from mayonnaise, curry, pepper, parsley and garlic.

Our cellar will give you the pleasure of unforgettable tastings with wines selected by patron Sommelier Massimo. Divin Porcello is also production of salami, made with artisan techniques and great care.





EP: Who are your customers?

**RF: **Our customers visit us from everywhere, especially Northern Italy and Switzerland.  We focus much of our marketing on food and wine tourism and this rewards us with clients that travel hundreds of kilometers to come visit us.


**EP: ******When and why did you begin to accept bitcoin?  What software do you use?

We started using bitcoin in August 2013 to stand out because we believe in it.  At that time, we also managed to mine a bitcoin!

At the entrance of our restaurant stands a tablet device with the QR code for our Blockchain wallet.  We started using Blockchain then and have remained faithful to a product that we believe in.


Address: Frazione Cresta, 11, 28855 Masera VB, Italy
Telephone: +39 0324 35035 – 348.2202612
TripAdvisor: For Bookings & Reviews
Hours: Tue-Sun from 11:30AM – 2:30PM and 7:00PM – 11:30PM

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