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Bitcoin News for the week of 1/4/16

Welcome to our weekly bitcoin news recap, where we cover top headlines and stories in the world of bitcoin each week. We started 2016 with a bang, and pundits have been discussing bitcoin and the blockchain and how it has been showing signs of continued growth while the rest of the world markets haven’t started the year out as well. There are a few upcoming events happening this year to get excited about as well, as bitcoin and the blockchain is always evolving. Learn about all this and more in this week’s Blockchain recap below.

2016 and beyond

![Bitcoin illustration via](
Bitcoin illustration via
[Thought Bitcoin Was Dead? 2016 Is the Year It Goes Big](

Bitcoin was going to change the world until it wasn’t. But now it is again. Oh sure, you’ve heard this before. Today, bitcoin is thriving like never before. And some say this is the year it finally reaches the mainstream.

As the New Year has gotten underway, global markets have been floundering, except bitcoin has been showing continued positive price growth, which NASDAQ says that the price increase recently has been both “logical and sustainable.” On the watch list for 2016 are four trends that may shape regulation, such as policing onramps and offramps, says Jason Weinstein and Alan Cohn who are both attorneys at Steptoe & Johnson LLP in Washington DC, and counsels to the Blockchain Alliance.

Things to get excited about

![OpenBazaar market via](
OpenBazaar market via
[Sneak Peek at Bitcoin’s upcoming killer app – Open Bazaar](

Many Bitcoin developers and investors, including some the most powerful Venture Capitalists of our day, have stated that Bitcoin’s long-awaited “killer app” could be a decentralized marketplace that uses Bitcoin. Open Bazaar may well be that marketplace, a peer to peer network that isn’t controlled by any company or organization.

In an impressive trendline, you can see that the Blockchain bitcoin wallet is on track to hit 100 million wallets by the year 2020, growing at 12k+ wallets per day. You can learn more about the Blockchain wallet and sign up for it here. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to check out our alpha next gen wallet, which is currently in invite-only stage. And in other exciting news, Cameron Winklevoss said more mainstream investors are getting behind bitcoin. He said traditional financial institutions are willing to work with regulated bitcoin exchanges and are investing in greater numbers.

Bitcoin and the blockchain

![Bitcoin to the moon, image via Stephen Pair,](
Bitcoin to the moon, image via Stephen Pair,
[A Simple, Adaptive Block Size Limit](

The block size issue continues to draw more commentary. One of the ideas recently proposed suggests an adaptive limit based on a recent median block size. To determine the block size limit, you compute the median block size over some recent sample of blocks and apply a multiple.

Adapting the block size is an important topic, because there is potential for blockchain technology to be a part of any type of business as things will be taken well beyond the financial sector over the next few years. Or it could be taken to another level, and the blockchain could enable a self-service government.


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