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Merchant Spotlight - Pie Hole


Ask a New Yorker about their favorite pizza and be prepared for an epic debate.  In New York, the best pizza place is one of the most hotly contested topics.  New Yorkers love their pizza, and when they decide that a pizzeria is the best, then that means it is the best.

Ask a Utah the same question, and the immediate answer is Pie Hole“as close to NYC pizza you’re going to get in the 801”.  This means a lot.  Fresh, fast, affordable, and seemingly always open, continue reading if you are looking for a late night spot and somewhere to spend your bitcoin in one go.

BE AWARE BEFORE READING: You will get hungry!


**THE MENU ** No matter what you are craving, the extensive menu at Pie Hole fits every appetite.  There are endless combinations of traditional and new toppings and options to grab a single slice or a large pie!  At their low prices, it would be a no brainer to stop by when you need a quick, easy but satisfying bite.  In case you get a brain freeze while looking at the menu, the staff behind the counter are very helpful and conversational when it comes to making your choices.  It seems like a wise choice to check out the manager’s personal favorite, the Potato Bacon pie.  It is flavorful and rich without being overwhelming!  Pie Hole also carries a large selection of sodas and beers including Stewarts, Jackson Hole, Jones, Four Plus, Wasatch, Squatters, PBR cans, and domestic bottles.


How will YOU pay?  In January 2014, Pie Hole announced it would be joining the ranks of local businesses where bitcoin is accepted.  There is a growing community of people wanting to support local Utah businesses and spend their bitcoin on fantastic pizza.

**AMBIENCE  **With a very simple, hip dining room with no frills or pretentiousness, and plenty of space to stretch, Pie Hole provides a laid-back environment for local college students, residents, and tourists alike.

HOURS  In addition to the ability to pay in bitcoin for tasty, affordable slices, is the long and late hours. Pie Hole is open from Monday to Thursday 11:00-2:00AM, Friday and Saturday 11:00-3:00AM, and Sunday from noon to 2:00AM.  Whether looking for a cheap bite for lunch or a midnight snack downtown, Pie Hole is definitely worth checking out.

We also can’t forget about the significance of pizza in bitcoin’s history.  Bitcoin Pizza Day became an annual tradition to celebrate the day Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10,000 bitcoins to receive two large Papa John’s pizzas. Thankfully, businesses like Pie Hole now make it much easier for us to buy pizza with bitcoin any time of the year.

A special shout out to Barbara Loamanu, Manager of Pie Hole.

Address: 344 South State St Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: +1 801 359 4653
Twitter: @PieHoleUtah
Hours:Monday to Thursday 11:00-2:00AM; Friday and Saturday 11:00-3:00AM; and Sunday from noon to 2:00AM

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