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Meet Our Team: Candace, Tori, & Kevin

2015 has been an exciting year and we’ve added a lot of new faces to our exceptional team. Before we go celebrate, we’ve got another round of colleagues to introduce. Stay tuned for other posts that look back over the past twelve months. If our growth and trends are any indication, 2016 is going to be very big indeed.



During her time at UCLA pursuing a degree in biochemistry, Candace had no idea she would soon unleash her sixth sense for spotting talent. After graduation, she took the leap into full-time recruitment and now her resume boasts over 10 impressive years of experience mastering her craft. Candace helped grow security software firm Rapid7 from 40 to 400 employees, and she played a major role in branding at Quirky, which resulted in their award as one of Glassdoor’s Companies to Work For in 2015. Let it also be known that Candace is a diehard Rob Schneider fan.



Tori joins our team as Chief of Staff to the CEO. Her experience includes two years at Barclays, where she advised technology and media companies on equity and M&A transactions. She also completed several internships while pursuing her degree in Political Economics at Berkeley. Tori comes from a French-Italian background, and is fluent in Italian and English. Her fondest memories include hiking the Appalachian Trail with her sister, and mastering her nonna’s spaghetti alle vongole. Surprisingly, Tori despises all condiments. Mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise are her kryptonite. When she’s not driving performance across the organization, Tori can be found sprinting to achieve new personal records in running.



Kevin has always been intrigued by software development. Midway through pursuing his career in the pharmaceutical sciences, he made it his mission to tackle iOS programming. Kevin built his portfolio from the ground up, with skills he gained from the Stanford courses and Big Nerd Ranch books. It wasn’t long until he felt confident enough dive into development 100%. He left Tennessee with a one-way ticket to New York City determined to tackle the big city. When he’s not crafting awesome code, Kevin can be found tossing kickflips on his skateboard.

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