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Merchant Spotlight - Atlas Therapies

One of my many goals with the Merchant Spotlight series is to share a variety of local businesses, in particular those that have a brick and mortar shop where our users can visit for themselves. When I started to think about who I could reach out to next, I quickly thought of Frédéric Charbonneau, owner of Atlas Therapies in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

**Through December 24th, Atlas Therapies is offering a holiday promotion of 25% off on gift certificates.  **Give your loved ones something you know they’ll absolutely love.  Now you can put smiles on their faces by treating them to the massage of their choice!

Esther P: How long have you been in the industry, and how long have you operated Atlas Therapies?

**Frédéric C: **I had been a public servant for 12 years when I decided to quit my job to become a massage therapist.  With 5 years under my belt, I now operate Atlas Therapies, a massage therapy clinic.  It’s not a spa per se.

EP: What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of running the business?

The most challenging part of running a business is never knowing how busy the week will be, as it can be financially stressful.  The most rewarding part is realizing that the business is doing very well, and that all that stress wasn’t necessary!

EP: What is your personal favorite treatment to receive?

It’s hard to decide, but I’d say my favorite massage is a facial massage.  The face is your user interface to the world.  It’s where you receive and send communication with others.  It filters what you think and what you are willing to let the world see. 

EP: What type of clinic is Atlas Therapies?

It’s a massage therapy clinic.  I offer relaxation massages, therapeutic massages, and sports massages.  I also offer Reiki energy treatments and classes.

EP: How does your spa differ from other spas in the area?

I took extensive training in anatomy and physiology.  Hence, I don’t only offer massage, but I also help find the cause of the problem and help find ways to correct it.

EP: Are you offering any holiday specials or promotions?  Tell me about it. 

I am offering 25% off on gift certificates until December 24th.

EP: And how did you learn about bitcoin?  What made you accept it using the Blockchain Merchant App?

I’ve learned about bitcoin when it first started and forgot about it for a moment.  Lately, my intuition told me to look back into bitcoin and to start accepting it as a form of payment method at my clinic.  Thanks to your iOS and Android wallets, my current and future clients can find me in seconds!

EP: What is your personal view on bitcoin?

It’s about time that we, the people, take ownership of the monetary system and I think bitcoin is a means to do it.

Address: 123 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Gatineau J8Y 3W7
Phone: +1 819 962 3733
Twitter: @AtlasTherapies
Booking Website:
Hours: Tue-Thu 12PM-9PM; Fri 10AM-7PM; and Sat 9AM-6PM

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