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Merchant Spotlight – SLC Bike Taxi


The highlight of my day (and possibly my week!) was a phone call with Jeff Bierce, owner of SLC Bike Taxi.

Get to know Jeff, and discover his passions for snowboarding, Salt Lake City, and pedicabs, along with his experience accepting bitcoin using the Blockchain Merchant App and Directory.

Esther P: Where are you from?

Jeff B: I grew up in upstate New York and moved out to Wyoming then Utah to chase after my love for snowboarding.

EP: What’s your favorite place to ride?

JB: Main Street area is my favorite place to ride.  It’s the heart of the City.

****EP: What’s your fondest memory?

**JB: **Proposing to my wife, Maki, on one of the pedicabs is my single most fondest memory.  Maki didn’t know that there was going to be a proposal, obviously.


****EP: What was your very first job?

**JB: **My very first job was at an amusement park in upstate New York with go-carts and horseback riding.

****EP: How did you begin your career in the pedicab industry?

**JB: **I had always loved cycling and started the new venture in 2009.  It began with just one pedicab, and since then, has grown to a fleet of eight pedicabs over the course of six years.  SLC is recognized as the friendliest, longest running, human-powered transportainment service in Salt Lake City!

****EP: What has been your biggest challenge?

**JB: **Growing fast enough!

DTown Crew

****EP: What gets you excited?

**JB: **Showing people the beautiful city of SLC and changing their perspective on SLC and Utah excite me.  Beyond Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York, Salt Lake City is one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the U.S.


****EP: Who is your clientele?

**JB: **Google, EA Sports, Adobe, eBay, Novell Brainshare – you name it.  Utah, especially Salt Lake City, has evolved to become the new benchmark for business and quality of life, and is increasingly the place to be.  Conventions, trade shows, sports games, wedding parties, and various events have provided an opportunity to work with a diverse client base throughout the year and have generated a lot of revenue for SLC Bike Taxi.




****EP: When and how did you adopt bitcoin as a payment method?

**JB: **About a year ago, a customer in town for a convention hosted by Novell Brainshare requested to pay in bitcoin.  With frequent interactions with tech-savvy customers, I wanted to learn about bitcoin.  The rise in popularity of bitcoin can’t be ignored, and I’m excited to be able to take part in it.  It is my hope that more businesses in SLC will soon realize the values of accepting bitcoin and gravitate towards it.

EP: How** is your user experience with the Blockchain Merchant App and Directory?**

**JB: **Giving my customers the freedom to pay in any form of their choice is my wish, and I’ve had nothing but a seamless experience utilizing the Blockchain Merchant App and Directory.  I view your Merchant Directory as a powerful tool to empower your wallet user base to spend their bitcoin and to generate more traffic for bitcoin-accepting merchants like SLC Bike Taxi.  Thanks to your iOS and Android wallets, our potential customers can find us easily and quickly when in town!

Phone:+1 801 686 8294
Twitter: @SLCBikeTaxi
Booking Website:

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