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New at Blockchain: Wallet API Version 2

Today we are excited to ship the beta of our new version of the Blockchain Wallet API, which allows users to programmatically interface with their Blockchain wallet to build their own bitcoin apps.

What’s new in V2?

From the outside, much of the functionality has remained the same, and many endpoints will be familiar. This update lays the foundation for future advancements of our service, as it runs using our new v3 My Wallet engineat its core. Our roadmap and future updates rely on this engine as a foundation.  Beyond just the new core, this update is faster, more usable, and more secure. It also runs as a service in your local environment, while continuing to interact with the Blockchain API.

How can I get started?

If you are already using our Wallet API, getting started with V2 is as easy as installing the new client service, starting it up, and directing your existing API calls to localhost rather than to There are a few minor differences for some API endpoints, all of which are noted in the documentation.

If you haven’t used the Wallet API, try it out! Head here and simply install the service from npm, and you’ll be ready to start interfacing with your wallet in seconds. If you need help, reference our extensive documentation or contact our excellent support team at

And by all means, send your feedback our way!