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Merchant Spotlight - Churrasqueira Bairra


If you’re scrambling for dining options in Nassau County soon and want to support a Bitcoin accepting restaurant, Churrasqueira Bairrada Rodizio Restaurant is calling your name!  Founded in 1992 by Manuel Carvalho, the all-you-can-eat Portuguese-style barbecue spot quickly captured the attention of The New York Times, earning rave reviews and a frenetic following that continues to this day.

Famed for its chicken, its spirited atmosphere and celebrity sightings, Churrasqueira is a source of pride for Mineola’s large Portuguese population and a staple for anyone that loves classic latin and Portuguese cuisine.

Continue reading for my chat with Hector Fonseca, General Manager, on wood-charcoal, endless barbecue, and bitcoin.

**Esther P: **What are some of the items on the menu that are unique to Churrasqueira?

**Hector F: **Zagat calls us Portuguese “carnivore’s paradise”.  Some of our most unique and loved menu items are the classic rotisserie chicken cooked on wood-charcoal and sangrias.  The menu can be confounding with so many choices to choose from.  Don’t get overwhelmed — just dive in until you simply can’t eat anymore.  (Laughs)





**EP: **After 24 years of business, what makes Churrasqueira stand out from the others?

**HP: **The team at Churrasqueira makes a constant effort to play an active role in the community.  Among many causes, Carvalho Family Foundation is one that we hold closest to our hearts.  The Foundation focuses on the well-being of children and the homeless.

Mineola is also home to large Portuguese communities and has been for years.  Portuguese restaurants and businesses and the Portuguese language and other content are a common feature throughout the neighborhood.  Churrasqueira stays fully engaged in all of the Portuguese festivals, parades, outreaches, and sports events that take place in Mineola!



**EP: **What’s it like to incorporate the new technology of bitcoin into the 24 years old business?  What are your thoughts on bitcoin?

**HP: **As earlier shared in local news, we want to be at the forefront of new technology.  A recent report from, a major online merchant, shows that they predict over $8,000,000 in new sales because of their recent decision to start accepting Bitcoin.

As a merchant, we want to help support building the larger bitcoin community.  And it is our hope that bitcoin users will come visit us to do the same.  To connect with bitcoin consumers would not only generate more revenue for us but save in transaction fees.

*Address: 144 Jericho Turnpike, Mineola, NY 11501
Phone:+1 516 739 3856

*Twitter: @CBrestaurant15

*Hours: *Tuesday through Sunday from 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM

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