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Merchant Spotlight - Glory Cycles


Home to Glory Cycles, Greenville, South Carolina offers traditional southern charm, stunning natural beauty, and the coolest cycling towns on the East Coast to create one of America’s hottest emerging destinations and fastest growing cities.  Among the quaint shops, boutiques, and fabulous restaurants to a world-class collection of museums, galleries, and theaters to some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains in the world, Greenville is everything they say it is and more.

Today, Clive de Sousa and his team at Glory Cycles, play host to all kinds of customers in the showroom, on the web, and via phone.  The team is a part of the interconnectedness of the web and the information that flows freely and quickly.  What makes Glory Cycles so unique is the blending of web power, bitcoin technology, and local bike shop service into daily operations.  Read on to find out for yourself why Greenville is not just any Greenville with bitcoin-accepting Team Glory Cycles!


Esther P: When did Glory Cycles first open?  How long have you been in the business?

Clive de S: Opened in 2001 as an eBay store, Glory Cycles has matured to become a B&M bike store.

EP: Did you always have an interest in bicycles and cycling?  Are you a cyclist yourself?

CS: I have been a cyclist entire life.  I’ve raced all over the world as a pro and as an amateur, but my choice to be in the bike business was born from an opportunity I had and not because I love cycling. 


EP: What do you look for in your ideal bike shop?  How does Glory Cycles stand out from the rest?

CS: Glory Cycles is not your average bike shop.  There are many who do far better than we do as a “bike shop”.  However, we are an e-Commerce bicycle retailer.  We inspire our clients with products they won’t and can’t find in an ordinary bike shop and make purchasing possible. 


EP: What are some of your business goals at Glory Cycles?

CS: We strive to be the benchmark online brand for high-end road bikes, to deliver what we promote, and to be profitable enough to innovate in our arena.

We love to ride, we appreciate a good deal, and we expect to be treated right.  We take the time needed to provide world-class customer service on the phone, in-person and via email.  We ride the product we sell and we are true cycling experts.  We understand that our client’s best interests are the same as ours and we look forward to working together on our shared passion.  Cycling.

Come in and see us!  Grab a free coffee or beer, put your bike in the stand and have at it.  Even better, come in and let’s go for a ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail that is located at our doorstep.


**EP: **What changes have you witnessed in your years in the bike sales and service industry?

CS: Our industry has seen huge changes; B&M retail is now a service-only industry and not able to capitalize on sales.  Most independent bicycle store owners are not fully aware of the changes that have already happened and are not in a position to take advantage of how things are progressing.  E-Commerce is the sales channel for the products of this nature going forward, but even here, most brands are going to be D2C soon enough.  The bike shop as we know it is already dead. 


EP: What is your view on Citi Bikes in large cities such as NYC?

**CS: **We love everything bike!  Citi Bike programs placed a positive impact in so many cities in so many ways.  Fitness, de-congestion, de-pollution, and active lifestyles – we need more advocates.


EP: How did you first learn about bitcoin?  What’s your personal take on it?

**CS: **My brother who owns AltCoinTrader was the first person to introduce me to bitcoin.  Unsurprinsingly, he was also the first person who ever mentioned the “internet” to me.  He sent me an e-mail almost 2 years back and said, “Save this mail; do not delete it.  We will talk about this in the future.  Go out and buy Bitcoin.”

**EP: **What triggered you to accept bitcoin at Glory Cycles?

**CS: **FOMO maybe or perhaps it was a way we could show our customers that we are a forward facing e-Commerce merchant. Also, the promise of lower cost more secure transactions was a merit in itself.  Not accepting Bitcoin would be like a bike shop 10 years ago saying “Online retail, who needs that?” 

*Address: 200 Westfield Street, Greenville, SC 29601
*Phone: +1 866 513 3360
Flickr: Glory Cycles
*Instagram: Glory_Cycles
*Twitter: @GloryCycles

Store Hours:
– Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Phone Hours:
– Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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