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Merchant Spotlight - Westland Coffee

Westland Coffee & Wine

An all-day café that’s deeply satisfying to visit for morning coffee, lunch, and happy hour? Westland Coffee & Wine is a favorite go-to for Team Blockchain. Westland fits the bill, with the freshest sandwiches and a perfect bar to cozy up to with a glass of wine on a fall day like today.

Read on for an interview with Paul Murphy, who runs this neighborhood gem in the East London Tech City (also known as Tech City or Silicon Roundabout) of London, UK.

[![Photo Credit: Paul Murphy and Poppy Loves](](
Photo Credit: Paul Murphy and Poppy Loves
**Esther P:** Did your café always serve both coffee + wine or did one develop out of the other?

Paul M: Since Westland opened in 2013, the variety of the menu items offered increased over time, as the hours. With an extensive selection coffee drinks, patisserie, sweet and savory snacks, croissant sandwiches, falafel and sushi, wine and specialty cocktails, the café offers everything you’d want in a neighborhood spot!

[![Photo Credit: Paul Murphy and Poppy Loves](](
Photo Credit: Paul Murphy and Poppy Loves
**EP:** What are the most popular drinks at your café?  And your personal favorite menu items?

PM: We have been pouring a lot of very nice french rose and riesling over the summer, but as the season is just changing, we have moved on with some great Côtes du Rhônes, Malbecs and other great Autumnal reds. We serve a lot of Flat Whites, a very popular coffee beverage that originated in Australia. It is prepared by pouring foam of steamed milk over a single or double shot of espresso.

My personal favourites at the moment are a long black coffee and Valcheta Malbec red wine. We have just introduced a new sushi range in collaboration with our good friends at TanpopoAnd if you’re feeling for something sweet, you can indulge in a ridiculously good piece of cake or cookie.

[![Photo Credit: Paul Murphy](](
Photo Credit: Paul Murphy
**EP:** What kind of presence does Westland have in your neighborhood?

PM: We have become a cornerstone in our community as a gathering place where neighboring residents and professionals and visitors alike partake in the merriment of delicious rustic food, wine tastings, and bitcoin payments via Blockchain Merchant App using our iPad.

We have a very loyal customer base starting from 7:00 AM daily from folks just meeting to chat or hatching business ideas that could change the world someday.

In terms of architecture, I took the space as an empty shell and along with my architect and builder, put it together as Westland Coffee & Wine 28 months ago. We went for a very natural look and used the same batch of timber to make all the furniture–tables, chairs and panelling, which makes for a very cosy welcoming vibe.

[![Photo Credit: Paul Murphy and Poppy Loves](](
Photo Credit: Paul Murphy and Poppy Loves
**EP****:** What brought you to accept bitcoin? How often are your customers paying with bitcoin?

PM: My initial interest in bitcoin coupled with Team Blockchain becoming regulars at Westland sparked my interest in accepting [it as payment]. Peter and Nic first approached me [and said] that it would be great to be the first local café where it is possible to pay bitcoins. Thanks to the Blockchain Merchant Map, the Directory has brought Westland more traffic with individuals walking through the door asking to pay with bitcoin. It also helps that we’re centrally located in the hub of a bustling and dynamic community*.*

[![Photo Credit: Paul Murphy](](
Photo Credit: Paul Murphy
**EP:** What was one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ve had at Westland?

PM: I spend a lot of my time at the shop. I particularly like early mornings as we prepare for the day and chat with all the guests thirsty for their first coffee of the day. I’m also glad that we provide our customers with the ability to pay with bitcoin and the opportunity to use bitcoin tangibly.

It’s always great to hear first hand from guests how enjoyable their experience was, whether it’s a review online or in person; their constructive criticism also helps us to improve.

EP: How much coffee do Blockchain employees consume?

PM: [Laughs] Let’s just say Blockchain teammates are great customers!

Address: 1 Westland Place, Hoxton, London N1 7LP, UK
Twitter: @WestlandCoffee
Instagram: WestlandCoffee

– Monday through Wednesday from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
– Thursday through Friday from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
– Saturday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
– Closed on Sunday

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