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Cal Hacks 2.0 Recap - Congrats, BitMonster!

The hacking floor at Cal Hacks 2.0
Congratulations to all the winners at Cal Hacks last weekend!

Our sponsor prize of Best Bitcoin Hack went to BitMonster, a web-based bitcoin transaction platform that uses the Blockchain Wallet API to send and receive payments. The platform was built by Tom Li, Vincent Liaw, and Yixin Lin.

BitMonster is a community that allows users to transact anonymously, and identify themselves using disposable aliases they create. Users can attach a friendly note or message to their transactions, and aliases can build a reputation when their transactions are voted up by other BitMonster users. The team was inspired from their use of Venmo to build on a similar concept that makes bitcoin more accessible and easier to use.

We loved this project because it has the potential to create a positive social and community vibe around bitcoin, without sacrificing privacy.

[![Image courtesy of BitMonster](](
Image courtesy of BitMonster
Another team combined the use of our payments API with [Postmates](‘ API to create an on-demand bitcoin delivery app called [BitMates](, which won Postmates’ sponsor prize of Best On Demand App.

Other notable projects included a mind controlled golf cart, and a potentially life-saving headband that ensures you stay awake on long drives.

Check out DevPost to view all the incredible projects created over the weekend!

Major thanks goes out to the Cal Hacks organizers and UC Berkeley for coordinating what turned out to be the largest hackathon ever! Another exciting year at the Money 2020 Hackathon is right around the corner – we’ll see you there, next!