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Bitcoin News for the week of 9/21/15

Welcome to our weekly bitcoin news recap, where we cover top headlines and stories in the world of bitcoin each week. This week we made Business Insider’s list as one of the hottest fintech companies in the UK! Also, Mining bitcoin quickly became a hot topic again this week, with the launch of the 21 Inc ‘Bitcoin Computer’ which is a plug-and-play device for developers to mine bitcoins and get started. Read on to learn more about it. We saw a shift in news focusing away from fintech and with a focus on innovation, education, and creativity when it comes to bitcoin, which is something we can always embrace and use more of in this space.

The 17 hottest Fintech companies in Britain ranked

We asked some of Britain’s top venture capitalists who they thought were the most exciting fintech businesses out there right now and supplemented the list with some of our own personal favourites. Spoiler alert – If you skip down to number three, you will find Blockchain!

![Pictured: The 21 Inc Bitcoin computer ](
Pictured: The 21 Inc Bitcoin computer
[21 Inc. Releases First Product, a ‘Bitcoin Computer’](

21 Inc., a bitcoin startup backed by venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, is releasing its first product, a computer that seeks to make bitcoin a standard feature of web services and encourage developers to build products that integrate the digital currency.

The Benefits of Allowing Bitcoin to Flourish

Technological innovations that make it easier and faster for people to interact directly have spurred some of the largest periods of economic growth in recent memory. In the last few years, bitcoin has proved to be a financial platform that follows in the tradition of the Internet, empowering people to interact directly with each other, while providing a platform for entrepreneurs to innovate.

BitFury Invests $100 Million into Republic of Georgia for Mega-Data Center

Global bitcoin block chain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company BitFury is planning to invest US$100 million to build its second data center in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and the first technology park. The new 100MW bitcoin mining data center will be built on 185,000 square miles of land developed by The Georgian National Agency of State Property called the “Special Technology Zone,” a project aimed to attract international technology firms and investors.

World Economic Forum Survey Projects Block Chain ‘Tipping Point’ by 2023

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has identified block chain technology as one of its six mega-trends in a new report broadly aimed at outlining the expected transition to a more digital and connected world. Compiled by the WEF’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software and Society, the report included the results of a survey of more than 800 information and communications executives and experts.

![Blockchain Developer, Kevin Houk at Blockstack Summit – Photo by Jesus Baez ](
Blockchain Developer, Kevin Houk at Blockstack Summit – Photo by Jesus Baez
[Blockstack Summit 2015 Review, Part 1](

Writer John Light gives a review of the recent Blockstack Summit 2015 on LetsTalkBitcoin, where Blockchain was a sponsor, and pictured above developer Kevin Houk had the opportunity to speak to the audience about upcoming changes to our wallet.

Block Chain Startup Everledger Wins €30,000 at BBVA Competition

London blockchain startup Everledger is the joint winner of BBVA’s European Open Talent competition.  The startup, which uses block chain technology to tackle diamond fraud and theft, will be awarded a €30,000 prize ($33,939) as well as an invitation to develop a project with the multinational bank.

Stampery Leverages The Block Chain To Certify All Your Documents

Meet Stampery, a startup that wants to replace notaries with bitcoin’s block chain. The service can issue legally binding proofs for all your sensitive documents, and the company is presenting its next version on stage at Disrupt SF.

IBM Continues Investigating Bitcoin’s Block Chain And Announces A New Project

In a recent post on A Smarter Planet, the Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research, Arvind Krishna, described the company’s direction. “Our research and development teams are working on versions of block chain that will be suitable for business, drawing upon our research insights and other related open source technologies.”

BitProof: 17-Year-Old Entrepreneur Brings University Diplomas to the Block Chain

Louison Dumont, a 17 year-old entrepreneur, has partnered with venture capital investor and Draper Fischer Jurveson founder Tim Draper to launch Bitproof, a platform which enables individuals and organizations to digitally establish contracts and legal documents using the block chain.

Stanford University Course Could Grow Bitcoin Community, Says Professor

American academia has offered courses across the country on cryptocurrencies for a couple of years now. New York University, Duke University, Princeton and others have all offered courses on Bitcoin. The Stanford University School of Engineering in Stanford, Calif. offers a new course, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies, for the autumn semester.

NYU Stern broadens impact of bitcoin expertise

Some of the top business schools are showing a keen interest in researching and teaching the topic of bitcoin. “People have an insatiable interest in this,” says David Yermack, professor of finance and business transformation at NYU Stern in New York. In November, Prof Yermack will launch a two-day executive programme. The executive course is targeted at more than those working in the finance sector, he says. “This is not just a financial thing. It is for anybody who needs to keep track of these [issues].”

New Art Installation Makes Music Out of Bitcoin Trades

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin enjoy a brisk pace of trading activity. But what does all that cyber wheeling and dealing look like? Better yet, what does it sound like? A new art installation in Moscow takes all that raw data and transforms it into musical notes, making melody out of global finance.

Games, Bitcoin, and Coding Equals Jobs

The new rise of children learning to code is becoming increasingly popular each day with new software and applications for children of all ages. Parents these days see it as a way for children to advance in this technological time. By learning problem solving, debugging sections of their favorite custom games, children will shape the next tech world. The future is bright, as learning to program becomes a curriculum the young and old can enjoy. With great ideas like bitcoin, the internet and technology the economies they bring are flourishing and will continue rapidly.