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A quick update on the Blockchain Markets page and ZeroBlock

[![The new and improved Blockchain Markets page](](
The new and improved Blockchain Markets page
Have you had a peek at our new [Blockchain Markets]( page?

It was initially designed to give users live data points on the bitcoin network, price, exchange volume, and news. While its purpose remains the same, we wanted to make the page easier to understand and provide access to a wider range of information. In this post we’ll take you through some of the new features and UI changes to the Markets page, and we encourage you to comment below with your feedback.

[![Our new Markets page is also mobile-friendly! ](](
Our new Markets page viewed in Google Chrome on an iPhone 6.
Clark Moody, a developer on our team whose focus has included the [ZeroBlock trading platform](, took the lead on this challenge.

What’s new

Bitcoin charts were ported from ZeroBlock and updated with a simpler style. The news feed and troll chat box were added as well, with an updated look and feel to match the rest of the website. In addition, the page is now responsive to mobile, which the old page was not.

[![Click on Settings in the upper right to adjust the appearance of the chart](](
Settings in the upper right above the chart allows you to customize display options.
On the new Markets Page, you can easily switch from different bitcoin exchanges such as [Bitstamp](, [Bitfinex](, [BTC-e](, [Coinbase](, and [LocalBitcoins]( All of the real-time charts and values are in US Dollar (USD).  If you click the settings box in the upper right of the page, you can adjust the time periods, styles, and scale. Clicking anywhere else on the page will close the settings box.

Upcoming changes to look out for

We know many of you rely on ZeroBlock for live bitcoin data, market charts, and bitcoin trading. As well as maintaining the new markets page, changes you can expect to see include the addition of more exchanges to our trading platform.

If you’ve haven’t already downloaded ZeroBlock Mobile for iOS or Android, check it out now to find out why so many users have made it their go-to app for bitcoin data and news.