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Blockchain API Developer Spotlight: Tim Su


The talent we encounter at hackathons always keeps us energized from one event to the next!

Our most recent hackathon we attended was Hack The Planet, which was designed by Major League Hacking as their finale to end the spring season of hacking. Coming in second place overall and claiming our prize for Best Bitcoin Hack was Tim Su, a developer and student from Northeastern University. Tim created Shuttlepay, an app that unites payment methods like bitcoin, Venmo and PayPal into one neat little app.

This developer spotlight goes into more detail about Tim’s future plans for Shuttlepay and his experience as a developer eager to build bitcoin-friendly software.


The creation of Shuttlepay was Tim’s solution to the fragmentation in the payment solutions space. With so many payment options, we all have a preference, but can we agree on the same one?

“Why do we need so many ways to pay co-workers, friends and family?  Why can’t people just use their favorite services?  Shuttlepay solves both of those issues in a win-win manner, enabling cross-platform payments while increasing transaction volume across all services.”

In other words, Tim’s objective was to make it simpler for people to use the payment services they love all within one app. Users wouldn’t have to compromise. Shuttlepay allows senders and recipients to transfer funds using their preferred service, even if they are different. The cross-platform transactions are handled seamlessly.  Tim has plans to continue his work on Shuttlepay, and has his sights on bringing the payment integration app to market. Time constraints during Hack the Planet didn’t allow him to include all the bells and whistles he’d like to see, but anyone curious about what the future holds for Shuttlepay can visit the main site or the DevPost page.

The bitcoin payment option was powered by Blockchain APIs, which Tim chose for reasons including our wallet privacy standards and the easy access we provide to study data on the Bitcoin block chain.

“As Blockchain is one of the biggest innovators and leaders of bitcoin, it makes sense to harness the Blockchain platform for the initial bitcoin experience on Shuttlepay.”

Tim describes himself as a “fairly advanced bitcoin user,” who has experience trading cryptocurrencies and building small hacks to support their use. While admitting he has more to learn about the technology, he says he always carries around a portion of funds in bitcoin in case he discovers a new way to use it.

If you’re curious about Tim and more of his work, here‘s how to stay in touch!