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#HackThePlanet - The Ultimate Finale of Hackathons from Major League Hacking

ToTheMoon2 Major League Hacking‘s spring 2015 season came to a close with Hack The Planet, a 48-hour finale event that ended last Sunday evening.

On Friday, August 14, several hundred students made the Computer History Museum in gorgeous Mountainview, CA their home over the next 48 hours.

What made the attendance so unique at this event was that students were only eligible if they had already attended an MLH event in the past season. “All of the contestants were the best of the best,” says our hackathon ambassador, Kevin Houk. Students who had not yet attended an MLH event were encouraged to check out the Fall Season, which begins in a few weeks.

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As part of our sponsorship of the event, several members of our team attended the event to mentor and connect with experienced hackers looking to take their skills to the next level. Blockchain Developer, Justin says, “this was definitely one of the most well done and professionally organized hackathons I have been to. All meals were provided and tasted great, there were sleeping rooms with air mattresses, and there were many fun activities and breakout sessions throughout the event.”

Major congrats goes to all of the winners, especially Timothy Su, who placed second overall. He also won our Best Bitcoin Hack prize of 5BTC, and Braintree’s Most Innovative prize. Tim built a service called Shuttlepay, powered by our Wallet API, which allows users to send money between different wallet services such as Blockchain, Venmo, Google Wallet, and Paypal, to name a few. Click here to watch the finale demos and winners!


A favourite among the crowd were our Blockchain-branded To the Moon pillows, which unfortunately ran out within the first hour of the hackathon. Don’t worry – we’ll bring more next time.