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Blockchain API Developer Spotlight: Kevin Riggen


Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Riggen, who is a developer on-and-off the Bitcoin field. His newest project BTC Img, is a proof of concept design that he created using the Blockchain API which allows users to upload images which are then blurred and cannot be seen. The blurred images are progressively unblurred if bitcoin is sent to the image’s bitcoin address. Once completely funded, the image is revealed and completely unblurred.

When we caught up with Kevin, we talked to him about his project, discovering Bitcoin, and the blocksize debate.


In discussing BTC Img, Kevin stated his goal when developing the program was to create something as direct and simple as possible that showcased how Bitcoin can be used for autonomous contracts. BTC Img, which was more of a side project to Kevin, was made for fun – made as a proof of concept – as an example of something that could not be done before without Bitcoin. BTC Img is a Python application built using the Django framework. Kevin said since it’s a proof of concept, the application doesn’t have much use at this time, and he has actually been spending time with other projects too, such as contributing bug fixes to Streamium.

We asked Kevin, what got him interested and started in Bitcoin? He said, “The tipping point for me was listening to Andreas A. on The Joe Rogan Experience. A few things he said clarified what a blockchain is and from then on I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” Kevin also said “mostly it was the ability to support contracts between autonomous machines.”

Another question we asked Kevin was, as a developer, what are some possible technical challenges you foresee in Bitcoin’s near future? Kevin provided some foresight into a hot topic right now; the blocksize debate. “The block size debate will show us if public campaigns [that are] antagonistic to expert consensus can cause an existential threat to the project. I think we’ll all agree in a few years that the aggression shown towards developers opposed to immediate size increase was a big mistake.” Another helpful point of view Kevin had about Bitcoin is, when introducing someone new to Bitcoin, it helps to “explain it as a ledger rather than a currency.”

Want to know more about Kevin? You can catch up with him on or on Twitter @kevinriggen. If you need more information about the Blockchain API to help build out your next project, you can start here.

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