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Developers: Expand your knowledge of Bitcoin this summer

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve sponsored two educational interactive workshops, in cooperation with Bitcoin Amsterdam and Bitcoin Startups Berlin!

With the first workshop in Amersfoort, and the second in Berlin, you’re welcome to come expand your knowledge of Bitcoin and block chain technology. Each workshop will focus on the technologies that make up the Bitcoin system, as well as the internal details of how the Bitcoin system works.

Both workshops will be split into two-day segments: a day of lecturing and theory, followed by a day of coding where participants can apply the knowledge they’ve learned using tools and sample code.

Braun Brelin, an IT industry vet, will be running both events which run from June 20-21 in Amersfoort and July 4-5 in Berlin. Brelin hopes events like these will “assist in increasing the talent pool” of developers available to elevate user-friendliness and efficiency of Bitcoin applications.

“A focus on Bitcoin education is critical,” says Brelin about the importance of the workshops, and for the health and longevity of Bitcoin’s ecology.

This is a fantastic opportunity for developers interested in Bitcoin who may not have had a chance to explore this dynamic technological industry. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a developed understanding of how Bitcoin works, know how to harness the power of several APIs (including the Blockchain API library), plus you’ll have met many new folks to share your new skills and enthusiasm with.

Here’s the full schedule for this weekend’s event in Amersfoort. There are discounts available for students and those who wish to pay in Bitcoin.

The workshop in Berlin will be providing more details in the coming weeks. Feel free to ask Braun a question about it on Twitter.