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Nepal earthquake disaster relief – how you can make an immediate difference

Bitcoin has many advantages over older payment methods.

In this post, we will explore another scenario requires an exceptionally quick and affordable means to transfer value. Nonprofits and charitable organizations typically operate on a tight budget and rely primarily on the donations of others to continue their charitable work. Traditional financial means of donating can take several days or even weeks depending upon the payment method, and whether the payment is local or international.

When natural disasters strike aid agencies need to deploy capital quickly and delays have tragic consequences. This is a real problem Bitcoin can help solve now.

Fortunately, those that are aware of Bitcoin know that sending funds across the world to places such as Nepal can be done fast and easily. In a matter of seconds, people on the ground in Nepal can have tangible funds to contribute toward disaster relief.

Just over ten days ago Nepal was hit with a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake. At this time, the official death toll from the Nepal earthquake increased to 7,040 people, Nepal’s National Emergency Operation Center has said. More than 14,000 people have been injured. There are a few disaster relief campaigns currently going on in Nepal to help with local efforts. We wanted highlight a couple of these campaigns that are underway to show the good work that is happening in Nepal, and also to show how Bitcoin can help make things easier when aid is needed.

![Photo: Medic Mobile in Nepal courtesy of](
Photo: Medic Mobile in Nepal courtesy of
The BitGive Foundation has a program to help raise funds for [Medic Mobile](, a nonprofit based in Nepal that builds mobile and web tools that help health workers provide better care that reaches everyone. In a message for the Bitcoin community from their staff on the [BitGive Foundation website](, they said:

“The Medic Mobile team is actively exploring how we can help with local, coordinated relief efforts after the earthquake that devastated Kathmandu on Saturday, April 25th. Our third largest office is based there and very thankfully all of our teammates are safe. Now we’re focused on how to best help. The Bitcoin community has already been so supportive of our efforts in the past and we’d be grateful for that support again. Every donation will go directly to our Nepal office and help as we deploy the right technology to help. Thank you from our whole team.”

Make a donation to Medic Mobile through BitGive today.

![ image courtesy of Patrick Adams]( image courtesy of Patrick Adams
ChangeTip, the social micropayments platform, is also working to [help raise funds]( for the disaster in Nepal by leveraging micropayments to nonprofits like [The Red Cross]( and [Direct Relief]( Both nonprofits work to help in disaster stricken regions where needs are the greatest by providing various kinds of support. Both nonprofits are accepting Bitcoin donations where you can use ChangeTip microtipping to make donations now to help support the people of Nepal recover from this event. In a [reddit post]( by Direct Relief, they said:

“Based on several suggestions by the reddit community, Direct Relief — one of the two organizations through which Reddit has so generously supported the Nepal response effort — now accepts donations for Nepal via Bitcoin.”

You can make a bitcoin donation to The Red Cross through BitPay’s dedicated link, and thanks to reddit’s generosity, you can visit this link to contribute bitcoins to Direct Relief’s recovery effort in Nepal.

Disaster Relief Update, courtesy of BitGive: A second severe 7.3 earthquake has been reported to have hit Nepal a few weeks after the first magnitude 7.8 earthquake. BitGive, BitPay and ChangeTip have re-asserted their commitment to helping those in need and are increasing their efforts to aid the Medic Mobile team.