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A year of Bitcoin news: Extra news!

Welcome to our final post that highlights some of the most influential Bitcoin news headlines over the past year. If you missed the fifth post, you can catch up by reading about a year of Blockchain Notables in the news.

In this bonus category, we cover headlines over the past year that didn’t fit into our previous categories, however, were newsworthy and we wanted to share a selection of them to finish off the series.

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As with all of our other news series posts this week, there was a vast amount of great content, and we have learned that over the past year, the news about Bitcoin and blockchain technology continues to pique interest in minds all over the world.

With each passing day, there are new developments or announcements that anyone can be enthusiastic about. The Bitcoin network and community is one of the most exciting spaces to be in, and we are proud and lucky to be a part of this life changing experience.

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