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Bitcoin News for the week of 4/20/15

Welcome to our weekly Bitcoin news recap, where we cover top headlines and stories in the world of Bitcoin each week. This week has an interesting development in the Mt. Gox creditor claim case, which you can get the details for below. Xapo teamed up with Taringa! which will bring Bitcoin to millions of content creators in Latin America. Additionally, Bitcoin continues to break ground all over the world as different companies and industries learn about it. Get all this news and more in our weekly Bitcoin roundup!

Gavin Andresen Joining The MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative

Bitcoin Core chief scientist Gavin Andresen joined the MIT Media Lab’s newly launched Digital Currency Initiative to continue work on the Bitcoin project. “I’m looking forward to working with all the amazing people associated with the initiative,” said Gavin.  Wladimir van der Laan and Cory Fields, both formerly of the Bitcoin Foundation, have also decided that MIT is the best place to continue their work on Bitcoin Core and have joined the Media Lab as well.

![“Bitcoin is a protocol” photo via](
“Bitcoin is a protocol” photo via
[File your MtGox Creditor Claim with Kraken and receive $1MM in free trades](

Kraken is now accepting MtGox creditor claims. The claim and payout service through Kraken is available in all areas of operation, including all US states. Kraken was selected by the MtGox trustee after extensive and objective review to assist MtGox creditors in investigating missing Bitcoin, filing claims, and distributing remaining assets.

Xapo and Taringa! launch bitcoin integration

Xapo is partnering with the social media company Taringa!, who is the largest social network created in Latin America, with over 75 million users. By introducing Bitcoin to Taringa!’s platform, top content creators can now earn bitcoin through Taringa!’s Revenue Sharing Program, rewarding users who bring quality content to Taringa!

Competition Heats Up at Bitcoin Job Fair

Plug and Play Tech Center played host to the second annual Bitcoin Job Fair, an event that brought industry startups big and small together with a new wave of job seekers for a busy all-day affair. More than 20 companies including 21 Inc, BitPay, BitGo and ChangeTip filled a conference hall crowded with roughly 350 job seekers of all ages and interest levels.

Fintech revolutionaries storm the barricades of traditional banking

Most of the traditional big names of banking still have enormous power over our everyday lives. However, a new breed of entrepreneurs is creating financial technology (fintech) which could change the whole game – and many of them are based in the UK.

European regulator seeks input as to how blockchain can enter the mainstream

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has launched a call for evidence on investments using virtual currency or distributed ledger technology. ESMA is seeking information and views from stakeholders on new developments in how virtual currency technology is used to issue, buy and sell and record ownership of securities.

Rand Paul addresses Bitcoin enthusiasts in New York

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul addressed Bitcoin enthusiasts and other supporters at an event in Manhattan. Hosted by the Bitcoin Center NYC and Blockchain Technologies Corp, a startup incubator associated with the center, the event took place at the Union League Club.

Spanish Bitcoin Community Celebrates Bitcoin’s VAT Exemption

Spain’s Bitcoin community is celebrating following confirmation that the cryptocurrency is exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT) in the country. Bitcoin had always been exempt from VAT, but a spokesperson from Spain’s tax office, Ministerio de Hacienda, told CoinDesk the decision had been clarified following a question from a Bitcoin aficionado.

Bitcoin Exchange in Chile Gets Funding from Government

SurBTC, a Bitcoin exchange based in Chile, gained the support and trust of its government after it secured funding for its operations. The name of the company translates to Bitcoin South and was recently launched to allow Chileans to trade and invest in bitcoin.

Isle of Man Official: Country Will Offer “Freedom to Flourish” to Bitcoin Companies

In March, Bitcoin Magazine reported that the Isle of Man wants to become a leading Bitcoin hub. The government of the tiny island is pushing forward a new regulatory framework to create a true paradise for digital currencies.

![Bitcoin use map via](
Bitcoin use map via

How Asia uses Bitcoin in one color-coded map

In Asia, the way a person from the Philippines uses bitcoin is probably very different from how it’s used in Thailand, and both are very different from the typical user in Taiwan. Using crowd sourced feedback combined with our Tech in Asia’s own research, they mapped out how Bitcoin is primarily used in each country.

Barclays Data Officer Praises Blockchain Tech at SWIFT Forum

Blockchain technology is “transformative”, according to Usama Fayyad, chief data officer at Barclays. Speaking at SWIFT Business Forum London, Fayyad explained that he believes bitcoin is interesting, but argued that it may not remain the most compelling use case in the future.

Factom’s Latest Partnership Takes on US Healthcare

Blockchain-based record keeping service Factom has announced its latest partnership with major US medical services provider HealthNautica. The deal will see HealthNautica documents, which range from medical bills and client-physician communications to claims and disputes, imprinted on the blockchain, helping add security and guarantee authenticity of sequence of events.

The Blockchain’s Rise Can Upend Traditional Payment Providers

What makes the blockchain remarkable is that it performs functions related to transactions without a central authority. The blockchain is not run by any company. For all intents and purposes, there is no one person making decisions about what can and can’t go into the database. There is no way to remove data from the blockchain and no one who can flip a switch and turn it off or on. The blockchain is an agnostic ledger. This quality means that blockchains can drastically reduce counterparty risk.

Bitcoin’s Untapped Value – Simon Dixon on CNBC

Simon Dixon discusses Bitcoin on CNBC International. Simon Dixon is the fund manager behind Bitcoin Capital which allows you to invest in the growth of the cryptocurrency sector.