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Our DevCore London Recap

Blockchain sponsored the sold out #DevCore event this week in London during an unseasonably warm spring day.

The sessions were hosted at the Dexter House near the iconic London Tower Bridge.

DevCore was hosted by the Bitcoin Foundation and supported by BitNet, CoinDesk, C4, Inside Bitcoins News, Coinscrum, UKDCA, Liquidity Summit, the College Cryptocurrency Network and the Digital Currency Council.

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People traveled from over a dozen countries to learn more about Bitcoin development and network with industry leaders.

The audience consisted of enthusiastic developers, journalists, entrepreneurs and academics. Those interested could attend remotely by viewing our livestream, hosted by Periscope.

The event was opened by Patrick Murck, who presented a review of the state of Bitcoin and how we’ll move into the mainstream.

“Bitcoin represents an opportunity to help move people trapped in a cash-based informal economy to a globally connected digital economy.”


The Bitcoin Foundation’s Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen delivered the highly anticipated morning keynote entitled, “Why We Need A Bigger Chain.” Gavin focused on several proposals to increase the block size in order to help the network deal with longer term scalability concerns.

He also reviewed some of the improvements in the development pipeline that will optimize many aspects of the Core Bitcoin protocol including Pruning and UTXO commitments.


It was illuminating to hear Gavin talk about the Zen of Bitcoin and the need to balance development with Satoshi’s principles.

Peter Smith and Matt Tuzzolo from Blockchain talked about what it’s like to work for a Bitcoin company and what kind of opportunities are available to developers today.

In the afternoon, we kicked off sessions with a review of the state of security and how to build better experiences for users.

Finally, Mike Hearn hacked up a smart contract application live in roughly 30 minutes. His unconventional presentation especially appealed to the many developers who watched as Mike cranked out an MVP at lightning speed.

Blockchain hosted a VIP event at our London Headquarters and presented Gavin with the Blockchain Achievement Award for his enduring contributions to the development of Bitcoin Core. We are very grateful for the incredible attendance and thoughtful engagement during all the sessions.

Jinyoung Englund said it best:

*“Relationships matter. We may be more connected than ever before thanks to the Internet and other technological advances, but nothing can truly replicate the positive benefits that result from people physically coming together – the comradeship, bonding over meals, jokes and shared experiences, teamwork. *

In being together, we remember that we are all human and it’s through relationships that we become even more committed to doing our best, not just for ourselves, but for each other. And when we are committed to work together, that will help this ecosystem succeed.”

A photo booth session following #DevCore
Feedback regarding the event has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Beginning with an event in Boston and most recently London, it appears attendees have found DevCore events to be a useful forum for the Bitcoin community to share ideas and move forward.

“DevCore London 2015 was the perfect way for us to not only get insight into the current issues in Bitcoin development but also to meet many of the key people involved. We will definitely be back next year.”

– William Knottenbelt and Robert Learney, Co-Founders of the Imperial Bitcoin Forum

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