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Bitcoin News for the week of 1/26/15

Welcome to our weekly Bitcoin news recap, where we cover top headlines and stories in the world of Bitcoin each week. It’s been another exciting week, where Blockchain was nominated for the FinTech50 2015 (pictured below) and we announced that Blockchain will be supporting the upcoming February hackathon being organized by Tufts University in Massachusetts. Get this news and more, below.


Photo via Nic Cary on Twitter

Blockchain nominated as a FinTech50 for Europe 2015

We’re proud to say that Blockchain has been nominated for the FinTech50 2015. The FinTech50 is 50 European financial technology businesses who are re-defining the future of financial services. FinTech50 recognizes the innovative businesses in Europe’s hottest tech sector for their innovation.

Bitcoin comes to the rescue of Filipinos who work for US companies

Philippine workers who receive their salaries from abroad feel a pinch not just from exchange rate fluctuations, but also expensive money transfer services. Addressing this problem are several new payment solutions, which are driving remittance costs down. California-based Bitwage, for one, launched a Bitcoin-powered payroll service that allows American companies to pay workers outside the US in their local currencies.

Quick Bit: Creating new Bitcoin addresses

Welcome to our Quick Bit series, where we provide you with quick and easy tips to explain specific features and services.  In this Quick Bit, we’ll talk about reusing Bitcoin addresses and why it is useful to use a new address.

Bitcoin Summit San Francisco: The Basics, a Bitcoin Jingle and Buterin Crystal Balls the Blockchain

This week the first-ever O’Reilly Bitcoin Summit got underway in San Francisco. Some 400 attendees gathered at the Fort Mason Center near the historic Fisherman’s Wharf to learn and share about blockchain innovation.

Venture Capitalist Draper Bets $400,000 More on Bitcoin Revival

One of bitcoin’s biggest backers, billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper, recently wagered about $400,000 that the digital currency will rebound from its recent plunge. Draper, who co-founded investment firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, said in an e-mail that he bought 2,000 bitcoins for “around $200” last week.

The Winklevoss Brothers on Gemini, the ‘NASDAQ of Bitcoin’

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss aren’t shy about issuing bold predictions for Gemini, their recently revealed bitcoin exchange project. Calling it the “NASDAQ or Google of bitcoin”, the president and CEO, respectively, believe Gemini will be the fully regulated, fully compliant and fully banked institution the US bitcoin ecosystem needs to develop to its full potential.

The Bootstrapper’s Guide To Bitcoin Remittances

There’s a lot of rhetoric about bitcoin and its impact on the $430 billion international remittance industry. One of the cryptocurrency’s most obvious uses is, after all, sending money across the planet with roughly the same effort as sending an email.

The International Development Hackathon at Tufts University

Hackathons are a fantastic gathering of minds that often result in brilliant ideas coming to life. Bitcoin has many roadblocks to face until it will be able to achieve mainstream acceptance; that’s why it is extremely important for Blockchain to support events like the upcoming February hackathon being organized by Tufts University in Massachusetts.

Artist Open-Sources Work for Bitcoin; IP Advocates Stumped

In a move that has left intellectual “property” (IP) advocates completely dumbfounded, artist and Redditor obilex recently released not one, but eight high-resolution original works of art on Reddit. The images are free to download and no copyright is claimed. What’s got the IP supporters really confused is that obilex is still making money.

A new video from on how Bitcoin works

15 Bitcoin Predictions for 2015

At we have compiled fifteen Bitcoin predictions for 2015 by researching and interviewing industry experts. As the price has proven simply too hard to predict, which past surveys show, this study also includes industry trends.

Edward Snowden Talks Blockchain’s Role in Curbing Mass Surveillance

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden recently chatted with cryptographer Bruce Schneier at the Harvard Data Privacy Symposium. Snowden After discussed the main issues with how the Internet and general networking works right now, and mentioned blockchain technology as a possible method for bringing decentralized routing protocols to the masses.

Bitcoin Being Given Away To College Students, Again

Another organization is giving another group of college student’s free bitcoins. Montreal’s Bitcoin Embassy will be giving bitcoin to 600 Students attending McGill University, also in Montreal. The idea is still the same: get young, potentially intelligent people interested in Bitcoin and see what they can come up with.

Coin Center Bitcoin Public Sentiment Survey

This Bitcoin survey is fielded with Google Consumer Surveys. The survey sample is the general population in the United States on the Google Consumer Surveys publisher network. Results are weighted by gender, age, and income in order to best simulate the General American population. Each month’s sample has at least 1,000 completions for all questions.