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The International Development Hackathon at Tufts University

Hackathons are a fantastic gathering of minds that often result in brilliant ideas coming to life.

Bitcoin has many roadblocks to face until it will be able to achieve mainstream acceptance; that’s why it is extremely important for Blockchain to support events like the upcoming February hackathon being organized by Tufts University in Massachusetts.

The free event takes place the weekend of February 13th, on Tufts campus, at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. We’re proud to be a gold sponsor of the event, and join other sponsors such as Intuit, Trip Advisor and Twilio.

Organizers of the event welcome students from Tufts, Harvard and MIT to sign up and participate and they anticipate an attendance level of roughly 400 students. An optional meetup prior to the Hackathon is happening February 6th, where participants can meet everyone and begin to form their teams.

This hackathon, inspired by previous Tufts events, is a unique opportunity for computer science and international relations students to collaborate on projects that combine both areas of their fields of expertise. While the event isn’t limited to Bitcoin-related projects, Bitcoin’s decentralized nature nature offers a unique appeal to students pursuing these distinct academic paths.

Hackathon co-organizer, James Downer, sees bitcoin as a chance to fill in the gaps “for the 2.5 billion people worldwide without access to a formal or semiformal banking system.” He considers events like these to play a major role on the road to mainstream adoption. “Curious, open minded students are the best audience to expose to Bitcoin,” he remarks.

Downer says that for him, Bitcoin is so intriguing because of its uniqueness and how it “raises questions about everyday life that we take for granted.”

With efforts, such as this hackathon, participants may combine their knowledge to develop solutions that give people banking options beyond the conventional financial framework.

Let the organizers know you’re attending by clicking join on the Facebook event page and be sure to register (admission is free)! Certain event details and schedule are subject to change, so please check out the event’s official website for the latest details.