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Bitcoin News for the week of 1/19/15

Welcome to our weekly Bitcoin news recap, where we cover top headlines and stories in the world of Bitcoin each week. This week in Bitcoin continues to solidify Bitcoin’s resilience and strength; not just because of price recovery, but also as more merchants adopt the digital currency, and more people begin to understand the brilliance of bitcoin and blockchain technology worldwide. Let’s get into some headlines, shall we?

Bitcoin and the Digital-Currency Revolution

Paul Vigna and Michael Casey discuss their new book “The Age of Cryptocurrency” as well as the mystique and challenges facing Bitcoin and the virtual currency business.

Quick Bit: Pairing your Blockchain Wallet to your mobile device

Welcome to our Quick Bit series, where we provide you with quick and easy tips that explain one specific feature of our products and services. In this Quick Bit, we will show you just how fast and easy it is to sync your Blockchain Wallet that you access via your desktop to your Blockchain Wallet app on your mobile device.

[![Photo by Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE via Getty Images](](
Photo by Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE via Getty Images
[Shape the Future: Q&A: Gavin Andresen, chief scientist, Bitcoin Foundation](

What will make digital currency viable in the mainstream? ponders the possibilities with the Bitcoin Foundation’s chief scientist. Fortune caught up with Andresen to ask him about how Bitcoin went from idea to reality and where it’s heading from here.

Payments Giant Ingenico Adds Bitcoin Option to POS Terminals

Bitcoin payments provider Paymium has partnered with one of the world’s largest point-of-sale (POS) solution providers to allow European brick-and-mortar retailers to accept the digital currency. Specifically, Paymium has created an app that is being hosted on the Telium Tetra Marketplace, a payment application suite developed by Ingenico Group solely for its POS terminals. The app allows merchants to accept bitcoin payments and convert them to euros instantly.

St. Louis Fed VP: Bitcoin Could Teach the Fed A Few Things

The Federal Reserve has historically not been enamored with bitcoin, which is understandable given how it’s billed as a competitor to the dollar in transactions. So when David Andolfatto, vice president and research director for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis made the suggestion that Bitcoin’s infrastructure and processes could serve as an inspiration for reform within the central bank, it may have been a surprise to some in the industry.

Singapore Government Sponsors Bitcoin Firm to Attend SXSW Event

Singapore-based bitcoin startup CoinPip is one of 10 technology companies selected by a government agency to represent the country at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) event in the US in March. Notably, this is the first time a national government has shown such support for bitcoin enterprise development.

The Incredible Technology Behind Bitcoin Is About To Change The World

The initial excitement phase of bitcoin is over. Now it’s on the long, slow climb to mainstream adoption. The tech is amazing, and worth familiarizing yourself with. It is known as the ‘blockchain’. I liken it to a supersonic database. The genius behind it is that it eliminates the need for third parties.

[![Exploring Ansel Adams Wilderness on a gorgeous day.](](
Exploring Ansel Adams Wilderness on a gorgeous day.
[Meet the Team: Interview with Operations Specialist, Christopher Camp](

Meet Chris Camp, who fills many important hats on the Blockchain team, including but not limited to business development, advertising, and conference and travel logistics. Join us for this opportunity to delve into the mind of this vegan, candle-making blockchain technology enthusiast.

Winklevoss Twins Aim to Take Bitcoin Mainstream

Two of the biggest boosters of the virtual currency, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, are trying to firm up support by creating the first regulated Bitcoin exchange for American customers — what they are calling the Nasdaq of Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Truly Decentralized? Yes – and Here Is Why It’s Important

Those within the industry understand that one of Bitcoin’s most important features—and perhaps its true core innovation—is its decentralized structure. Bitcoin has no central control: no central repository of information, no central management, and, crucially, no central point of failure. And yet, most of the actual services and businesses built within the Bitcoin ecosystem are centralized.

Bitwage Launches International Bitcoin Payroll for US Employers

Bitwage has launched a new bitcoin-based payroll product that allows American companies to pay employees outside the US in their local currency. The company’s first partnership as part of its international push is with bitcoin exchange, and allows firms to quickly and cheaply pay workers in the Philippines – even if they don’t have a bank account.

Bitcoin Remittance Services in Indonesia Could Save Migrant Workers $374 Million

Through Bitspark, Indonesian migrant workers can send their earnings in bitcoin to their families back home with little prior knowledge of the technology. When their family is notified, they can then pick up their cash in the national currency equal to the market value at the time of transfer.

Devcore Boston: Developing The Developers

The Bitcoin Foundation`s DevCore events  are a series of developer roundtables aimed at building knowledge, widening understanding and deepening technical expertise to support the future development of Bitcoin Core. Join us in Boston for our inaugural event!